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Monday, 16.12.2013

At the beginning of 2014, we will publish new comic stories with Toni Roco.
Harald Breitmaier has created three new Toni Roco stories and two short stories this year. These will now be exclusively presented to our readers by Motelsoft.
Toni Roco & Kurzgeschichten

The headings "ORDER" and "PROGRAMHISTORY" were updated.

Monday, 02.12.2013

Today we release the fourth picture in the picture-gallery.
to the picture-gallery

Saturday, 02.11.2013

Today we release the third picture in the picture-gallery.
to the picture-gallery

Tuesday, 01.10.2013

Today we release the second picture in the picture-gallery.
to the picture-gallery

Monday, 09.09.2013

Today we inaugurate the new rubric picture-gallery.
In future here we regular release digital pictures from the artist Harald Breitmaier.
to the picture-gallery

Friday, 07.06.2013

With this adventure we release today the last comic story with Toni Roco.
If there are more comic stories with Toni Roco in the future, we will see.
Toni Roco Neue Abenteuer #12

Friday, 05.04.2013

Today we can present a little surprise.
Enjoy now Toni Roco Neue Abenteuer #11 and take a look at the bizarre life of Toni Roco.

Friday, 01.02.2013

Now you can download the digital comic Toni Rocos erotische Abenteuer und Short Cuts.
-> to the free download

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