- 1 MB RAM
- double-sided floppy
- color monitor
- keyboard
- mouse


- Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista/7
- Pentium processor 300 MHz
  (450 MHz recommended)
- 16 MB RAM
  (recommended 32 MB RAM)
- Graphiccard with 2 MB RAM
  (4 MB recommended)
- Direct X 5.0 or higher
- DirectX-kompatible Soundcard
- keyboard
- mouse
- approx. 722 KB on the harddisk
- Atari ST TOS Emulator

(for example the Steem Engine
Description for Norwood Castle:

Norwood Castle is a strategy play for 2 players.
The players come alternating to the move and each player have altogether 30 moves.
Each move 5 points are available.
Select first a field (a free or in own possession) and then the castle you want to built there.
You can select from 5 different castles with a priority of 1-5.
There can be built either 5 castles with the value 1 or 1 castle with the value 5 or another combination per move.
The adjacent fields then go into the possession of the lord of the castle.
With several adjacent castles the field goes into the possession of that, which has the higher value.
Castles can be also improved.
The Winner is who possesses the most fields at the end.

We wish much fun with Norwood Castle and build you the castles in the correct place.

(see also cover stories)

for free download of Norwood Castle

nwc1 nwc2
the game board with the selection of a castle

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