Programmhistory punkw


- 1 MB RAM
- double-sided floppy
- color monitor
- keyboard
- mouse


- Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista/7
- Pentium processor 300 MHz
  (450 MHz recommended)
- 16 MB RAM
  (recommended 32 MB RAM)
- Graphiccard with 2 MB RAM
  (4 MB recommended)
- Direct X 5.0 or higher
- DirectX-kompatible Soundcard
- keyboard
- mouse
- approx. 1,4 MB on the harddisk
- Atari ST TOS Emulator

(for example the Steem Engine
Description for Punk:

Punk is a musikband manager.

The features:
- Band overview: shows properties of band members and their monthly salary
- Artist Agency: Mediates professional musicians
- Hit Statistics: Top Ten
- Airport: Here you can travel in the world
- Change band: click on instrument and assign new instrument
- recruit musicians
- Gossip and more: The Musikexpress News and the Hit Barometer are informed which music style is currently IN.
- Map: of England
- Band Status: Shows trend points, sold records, popularity of musicians and band, number of performances, audience
- Dismiss musician: Click on instrument and DRAW (RAUSWERFEN) or RETURN (ZURÜCK)
- Hotel stay: 1-9 days stay (wait)
- On tour: take the bus to another city (only possible in England)
- Minigig: small appearance
- Demo Band: record with a length of 2.4 or 6 min
- Concert Agency: Set a live concert in England. Do not forget to be there on time for the appointment.
- Take a job: If nobody wants to listen to your music
- Live concert: big performance
- Record Studio: You have to have some popularity before you get a record deal.
- Band Equipment: tour bus, amplifier, mixer and light show can be rented here.
- Bank: If you need a loan
- Radio Station: Play your Demo Band
- Record video: Here is the same as in the record studio
- recruit road crew
- Sally Marx: Reporter of Musikexpress, sometimes gives a hint
- Load game
- Save game

We wish you lots of fun and the right nose for the trend.

for free download of Punk

punk1 punk2
First of all, recruit the band members A mini-gig to announce can not hurt

punk3 punk4
Extensive options are available in the newspaper is what music direction is currently IN

punk5 punk6
Also, a demo tape should be included and the ... Radio stations are left to play

punk7 punk8
The England map, here you go on tour If the money is scarce, only a loan helps

punk9 punk10
Do not miss the performance, otherwise the band will make you unpopular This gentleman shoots a video clip only with well known bands

punk11 punk12
The top ten charts The coronation is a world tour

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