- 1 MB RAM
- double-sided floppy
- color monitor
- keyboard
- mouse


- Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista/7
- Pentium processor 300 MHz
  (450 MHz recommended)
- 16 MB RAM
  (recommended 32 MB RAM)
- Graphiccard with 2 MB RAM
  (4 MB recommended)
- Direct X 5.0 or higher
- DirectX-kompatible Soundcard
- keyboard
- mouse
- approx. 804 KB on the harddisk
- Atari ST TOS Emulator
(for example the Steem Engine
Description for Droid 3:

Droid 3 is an action game.

After our Droid
(with the unspeakable name)
having survived the adventures of DROID II, he is now unemployed and quite confused (he drinks milk instead of OEL for his maintenance).
But that can change quickly because ... in XNOPOFHEIM are resident two hostile companies that make each other's life difficult.
Harwaloptikusdroidusdanebikus can come into their service and earn so well his beloved MILK.
The jobs are relatively easy to do.
e.g. ZIP gives him the order to hang up 30 posters in the city and gently remove 25 posters of the competition (ZOP)
or ZOP gives him the order to hang up 18 posters in the city and 30 posters of the competition (ZIP) ... let's discretely remove.

That was it .........

We hope you enjoy Droid III.

(see also cover stories)

for free download of Droid 3

droid31 droid32
What am I to do? Aha I'll take a job at ZOP ...

droid33 and tear off a few posters from ZIP!

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