- 1 MB RAM
- double-sided floppy
- color monitor
- keyboard
- mouse


- Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista/7
- Pentium processor 300 MHz
  (450 MHz recommended)
- 16 MB RAM
  (recommended 32 MB RAM)
- Graphiccard with 2 MB RAM
  (4 MB recommended)
- Direct X 5.0 or higher
- DirectX-kompatible Soundcard
- keyboard
- mouse
- approx. 725 KB on the harddisk
- Atari ST TOS Emulator
(for example the Steem Engine
Description for Spaceball II:

Spaceball II is a science fiction sport game.

The features:
- Set up the crew
- Buy players
- Sell players
- Players exercise
- participate in the training camp
- play TOTO
- 1 national toto -> insert 2 DM main prize 1000000 DM
- 2 team toto -> put on your team!
- Dope player
- Sports Clinic
- Two games each are played in ...
the preliminary round, the intermediate round and the final round

The goal of the game is to bring the crew you lead to the top of the first league!
You will then be rewarded with the entry in the HIGHSCORE list.

So .....
Get on the space blast and do not let too many of the steel balls hit your head ...

Have fun with it.

(see also cover stories)

for free download of Spaceball II

sb21 sb22
Menu overview Match matches are displayed

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In the game the steel balls fly around the ears of the players. The result is sometimes staggering.
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