Programme  Motelsofts Minigames Swaps


- PC & Laptop
- Windows Vista/7/8

- Keyboard
- Mouse
- 23,2 MB on the harddisk
Description for Swaps:

Swaps is a mind game.

There are 2 game modes.

1. Select from Template (Vorlage) 1-12 and "Here we go" ("Los gehts")
Aim of the game: The stones on the board must be completely reversed.
Every stone can draw a spuare straight and one square diagonally, like the horse from chess.
First, click on a stone and then the target field. The active stone has a yellow border. Possible target fields are green surrounded and occupied squares red.
When all pieces replaced the game goal is reached. "Next you go ..." ("Weiter gehts ...") the next template.

2. Extra (Random) ...
Aim of the game: The stones on the field must be cleared with the horse in as few moves.
Possible target areas are outlined in yellow or green.
When all pieces are cleared you can play the same field "again ?!" ("nochmals?!") or a "new field ..." ("neues Feld ...").

for free download of Swaps.

1. game mode

2. game mode

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