Programme  Motelsofts Minigames Minipuzzle


- PC & Laptop
- Windows Vista/7/8

- Keyboard
- Mouse
- 65,6 MB on the harddisk
Description for Minipuzzle:

Minipuzzle is a mind game.

When the game starts, one of the 18 images can be choosen.
On the pitch there are 36 equal parts which give an image in the correct arrangement.
The individual parts can be captured and stored by simply clicking on them. Located on the to be deposited field another part, this will be replaced.
At the beginning of each puzzle you get a certain number of points, which decreases with time and the number of moves.
The fewer moves you need, the more points you get.

for free download of Minipuzzle.

When the game starts, a image will be selected.

Then, the image has to be assembled correctly.

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