Programme  Motelsofts Minigames Motcol


- PC & Laptop
- Windows Vista/7/8

- Keyboard
- Mouse
- 18,5 MB on the harddisk
Description for Motcol:

Motcol is a mind game.

The task is to find the right color combination.

A total of 11 colors are available. These must be properly placed in the 6 green fields. Each color can be set once.
After each set series (row) an evaluation is performed.
- A black exclamation point stands for a right color in the right place.
- A white question mark stands for a right color in the wrong place.
You must try now to find out the combination with as few rows as possible.
In total you have 12 attempts.

for free download of Motcol.

Motcol promotes the thinking assets.

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