Programme  Optcha Hirn Zocking


- Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista/7
- Linux with Wine

- 64 MB RAM
- Graphiccard with 16 MB RAM
- 400 MHz Athlon or Pentium processor
recommended 1 GHz
  or better
- CD-ROM drive 4-times
- Soundkarte optional
  (Soundblaster kompatibel)
- Keyboard
- Mouse
- 360 MB free space on the harddisk
- the Sharewareversion requires
  only 230 MB space on the harddisk
Description for Optcha Hirn Zocking (Optcha Brain Zocking):

Optcha is a pictures riddle game in german language.
Solve as many puzzles as possible and become the leader in the high score list.
The less time you spend capturing a puzzle, the fewer attempts you need to solve a puzzle, and the less jokers you use, the more points you get.

Game features:
 - load / save
 - selectable difficulty
 - adjustable display duration of the puzzle (from short to unlimited)
 - high score list
 - Statistics
 - Music from 'rent to earth'
 - Notebook
 - Joker
 - 2 different graphic styles, freely selectable
 - over 1900 picture puzzles
 - and lots of smoking brain cells

Read the 'hint'(Hinweis) to the puzzle, the 'help'(Hilfe) provided and also note the information under 'number of words'(Anzahl Worte). The combination of this information will then guide you to solve the puzzle. It is best to consider in advance what the solution word might be before proceeding.
You will then see a picture puzzle for a certain time and below that a second display that counts up until the set value of the 'display duration' is reached. Then the puzzle disappears again.
During the time the puzzle is displayed, try to remember all the details of the riddle depicted. When you've solved the puzzle or guessed the solution, press the spacebar. This ends the display of the puzzle. This will shorten the display time of the puzzle. Each second thus saved is credited to you (assuming the correct solution of the puzzle) in the form of additional points.
Now an input field will appear and the game expects to enter the puzzle solution (without any time limit). If the entered solution was correct, you will receive a summary of all information about this puzzle and details on the evaluation of the points just received. If the entered solution was wrong, this will be counted as one of three possible failed attempts and you will receive corresponding information.
In addition, you now have the opportunity to search your notebook for useful information and to use one or more of the available jokers.

for free download of Optcha Hirn Zocking.

opt2 opt4
In the options menu you can make the desired game settings There is a large selection of different puzzle pictures
opt3 opt5
Here the solution is entered In case you can not get any further you get Joker

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