Programme  Wrong Turn wt2


- Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista/7

- 128 MB RAM
  (recommended 256 MB RAM)
- Graphiccard with 32 MB RAM
  (64 MB recommended)
- Direct X 8.1 or higher
- Athlon or Pentium processor 800 MHz
  (1400 MHz recommended)
- CD-ROM drive 4-times
  (24-times recommended)
- DirectX-compatible Soundcard
- Keyboard
- Mouse
- 240 MB on the harddisk
Description for WRONG TURN:

In this 3D-Adventure-Roll play game you slip into the role of Jaz Lana Melroy.
Flee from the prison and try you to follow the resistance movement, in order to find with their assistance the four crystals, which control the Teleport entrance to talon.
Take over orders of most diverse persons and collect you by completion of these points of experience. With these points of experience you can improve the characteristics of your Protagonistin. A further possibility to improve your character is the installation of implants.
The moreover the weapons with different modules can be modified.
The correct tactical procedure and the structure of the characteristics of Jaz Lana Melroy decide on your success with the release of the orders.
Some missions are optional (thus voluntarily), the others must be fulfilled over in the action to get ahead. The orders are characterized accordingly in the order overview.
Some orders will demand everything from you and will place you before so some mystery. By simple "shot away" you do not get ahead.
Many persons cannot be shot at all. Should you try it nevertheless a red diagonal bar appear in the hair cross.
Accept the challenge and put Paul Zuno his infamous handicraft!

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Screenshots from Wrong Turn

Frontispiece wt3

wt4 wt5
You are in the prison and the escape begins

wt6  wt7
By the city ... and by the underground station

wt8 Find the four crystals

on far planets wt9 

wt10  Defiance all dangers

Investigate the mines  wt13 and wt11

wt12 put Paul Zuno his infamous

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