Programme  Replics 3 - Behind the Light


- Windows 95/98/ME/XP

- 32 MB RAM
  (recommended 64 MB RAM
- Graphiccard with 4 MB RAM
  (8 MB recommended)
- Direct X 7.0 or higher
- Athlon or Pentium processor 300 MHz
  (500 MHz recommended)
- CD-ROM drive 4-times
  (24-times recommended)
- DirectX-compatible Soundcard
- Keyboard
- Mouse
- 369 MB on the harddisk
Description for Replics 3 - Behind the Light:

This fascinating 3D action adventure is the last part of the Replics Trilogie.

Everything began with a suit-case. Everyone it opened had a dying, because its contents are absolutely deadly for all organic organisms.
Innumerable replicants failed so far because of the attempt to bring the suit-case into your possession. For this reason now you are activated, you are MORG'S last hope. Find this mysterioesen suit-case and bring it to LEON MORG.
Unfortunately is not this as simply as it sounds oneself, because some adversaries want to defeat your plan. They murdered Zora the owner of the orbital glider fleet and directed the suspicion on you.
Try to arrive at an orbital glider with the spaceship , which circles in the orbit around the earth. Pierce in the spaceship up to the command deck and fly yourselves you to your destination. You are strained on what expects you there.
And which role do WILD CATS and TRIOP play in this history at all?
Find it out! Because you are SELMA LOMBARD a replicant, which was up to to each task.

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Screenshots from Behind the Light

rep31 Cover of the retail version of 2001

rep32 Selma was activated rep33 Remain always beautifully clean

rep34 rep35
What happened here that? Where now? To the laboratory or into the personnel tract



The lava is absolutely deadly Dreamball was played here. Without me?

Times see which it gives in such a way here rep38 Ocean City at night rep39

rep310 Who parks in such a way?

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