fc2000t Fussball Coach 2000 fc2000t1


- Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista/7
- Linux with wine

- 32 MB RAM
- Graphiccard with 2 MB RAM
- DirectX 5.0 or higher
- Athlon or Pentium processor with 90 MHz
  (133 MHz recommended)
- CD-ROM Laufwerk 4-fach
  (24-fach recommended)
- Keyboard
- Mouse
- 247 MB on the harddisk
Description for Fussball Coach 2000:

* You are manager and coache of your favourite association, from your decisions depend the play process of your association.
* 4 German leagues
* the 1.league from 31 European countries
* over 700 associations and 17800 players
* Competitions: German championship, DFB cup, UEFA Cup, champion League
* 1-4 fellow players, Highscore list
* Editor for changing the association and player names
* a CO coach decreases the crew list when desired to you.
* Stock broking, fan article sales, advertising contracts, player transfer, stadium development and much more besides.
* extensive statistics
FOOTBALL COACH 2000 is a football manager with that you all decisions meets yourself.
On the one hand you are the manager and must for it provide that the association both economically and personel well is, on the other hand you are responsible as coaches for training, tactics and the list.
Win as many competitions as possible and some you your association to the most successful one of all times.
With several fellow players that has won that most points in the Highscore list collected.

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Screenshots from Fussball Coach 2000

fc2000c Cover of the retail version of 2000

Cover back fc2000r

fc20001 fc20002
Association area with stadium The Managers office

fc20003 fc20004
The reception hall ... ... and your secretary

fc20005 Fan article Shop

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