programs  Crosso


- Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista/7 with DOSBox
  (under Windows direct no sound)
- Linux with DOSBox

- 1 MB RAM
- Graphiccard with 512 KB RAM
- 386 processor 33 MHz
- CD-ROM drive 4-times
- Soundcard optional
  (Soundblaster compatible)
- Keyboard
- Mouse
- 2,3 MB on the harddisk
Description to Crosso:

Crosso is a think game fo 1-2 player.
One plays either against the computer or against a fellow player.
Alternating one selects a number from a row of a number field. The number field consists of positive and negative numbers. One player gets horizontal rows and the other vertical. The selected number disappears from the number field. Each selected number is added or subtracted to the score of the player. If a player is no more able to select a number the play ends. That with most points won.
But be not to sure for victory, the computer plays far-sighted.

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