programs  San Largo und die Insel (San Largo and the island) (the queen)  programs 


- Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista/7 with DOSBox
   with Windows direct no sound
   runs with Windows unobjectionable with the Dosbox
- Linux with DOSBox

- 1 MB RAM
- Graphiccard with 512 KB RAM
- 386 processor 33 MHz
- CD-ROM drive 4-times
- Soundcard optional
  (Soundblaster compatible)
- Keyboard
- Mouse
- 5,8 MB on the harddisk
Description for DIE INSEL:

San Largo and the island is a strategy adventure game.

A goal of the play is:
- to investigate the hostile island
- to rouse and destroy the troops of prince Kalids
- to bring the "magic disk" back to SAN LARGO
- to pacify or conquer all hostilely cities
- to settle orders of the queen of San Largo

To gain your stock to develop your army, BARTERING can be operated with the cities, or simply plunder them.
Enlist people and train these to a powerful army. But hurry - prince Kalid does not sleep.

We wish you much pleasure on the island and may San Largo be victorious!

(see also cover stories)

for free download of Die Insel

insel11 insel12
Carry men, food supply and commodity with the ship of San Largo to the island. Build there camps for your commodities, training centres and fortress for the army and forges for weapon production.

insel13 insel14
Explore the cities to peacefully trade dealing, or you frighten the city dwellers and plunder the whole city with your army ... and always keep an eye on the goals of the play.

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