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Complete Solution: Replics 3 - Behind the Light

This approach describes only the most necessary actions to reach your goal. If you want to have the full fun and all the items, you should thoroughly explore the whole game world.
You slip into the role of Selma a replicant and are awakened from the deep sleep at the beginning of the game to find a mysterious missing suitcase.


In the front left, break the pane and take the pistol with you. Go right through the contaminated corridor and get 2 energy units from the back area. Also talk to the damaged comrades. One will tell you the door code (774) for the right input console in the start room. Back through the contaminated corridor, at one of the dead bodies you will finds an antitox. Take this to disinfestation.
Enter the door code and insert the two energy units in the room behind. Go down the stairs and read the book in the room behind the left door. Here is the door code (44563) for the left input console. Enter and blow away the collapsed wall with TNT. Push the red box completely into the corner, jump up and jump from there to the balustrade. Hopping down the fan.

Go to the lab. Use the finder bomb or TNT to blow up the door at the other end of the lava lake, shoot the red button and get the crowbar.
Now to the personnel tract. Go straight on to the last door and shoot the grate in the room. At the lava lake, jump over the fan with the platform to the door. Press the switch and go down the stairs. Power up with the elevator and get the power unit.
Back to the corridor and go through the door for maintenance. Open the trapdoor at the bottom and insert the energy unit at the bottom. Behind the door lies the green key.
Jump again in the corridor onto the latticed bridge and open the side grille with the crowbar. The ladder up. Take the gold key from behind the next door of the corpse and open the shield charging station.
In the Triop restaurant take the access card from a corpse. So open the door in the laboratory area and go down with the lift.

Left around the corner, look at the stones on the floor (5-4-3), then up the ladder. On the top go straight back and press the 1st switch. Back and shoot at the 2 blue boxes at the bottom. Enter a combination of the numbers on the stones on the input consoles and press 2 more switches.
Go through the now activated door. Morg waits at the shield charging station. Jump over the blue energy barrier in the room opposite and open a bottom plate with the red button behind it. Jump into them, run backwards and up the ladder. Grab the suitcase and bring it to Morg.

Blast the grid with TNT. In the house at the back left, move the blue box to the side. Down the hall and take the corpse off the gold key. Back up, jump on the roof and from there on the roof with the Shell Beach poster. On the other side, jump down to the post and go through the door. Go up the ladder and take the elevator down. Jump over the roofs to the rear roof and then go left through the door.

A hot welcome awaits you. Left around the corner, open the left door. Over the wall on the right, on the other side over. Down the elevator. The ladder up, jump over the bridges and get the crowbar. With the elevator back up and with the crowbar open the grid to the subway.

Walk on the rails to the left and shoot in the grid on the right side. Push the box backwards, jump over the wooden platforms to the 2 energy units, plug them in and back again.
Go right at the entrance. In the room with the 3 red boxes is located behind the right door Lomosaft and a shield charging station. The door code is discovered when you go up the ladder.
Go through the left door, go backwards and insert the 2 energy units.
Now the door to the Wild Cats is open, the lady behind you give the Lomosaft. Step by step all the way down, then go through the door in the corridor with the fan. Shoot the grid and drive with the car over the abyss.

The goal

Just in the next but one room is a shield charging station.
Open the right door and Selma faces Morg.

CONGRATULATIONS - You made the 3D action adventure REPLICS 3 - BEHIND THE LIGHT!

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