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Complete Solution: Replics 2 - Forget the Moon

What happened until now ...

10 years have passed since the replicant SELMA LOMBARD was created by Prof. dr. LEON MORG.
Since then, she has had to endure many dangers and adventures to finally fall back into the hands of MORG.
SELMA is held captive on a lunar base to which she was taken on March 16th 2067, as Prisoner No. 02264, by instructions of LEON MORG, the ruler of Cenobita.
She relentlessly sets off to escape her prison and hold Morg to account.

Moon base (Mondbasis)

Take the lift up and drive in the left window. At the end of the corridor, slide the grille on the floor to the side and jump down.
Charge at the Charging Station, take the weapon, ammunition and access card and push the button to teleport back.
Remove the guards, then go through the door and press the switch on the shuttle bulkhead.

LAR II - Base

In the left tower, there is a switch on the lower platform, which opens the door to the base. Walk up the ramp and go through the now open door a few jumps later. Place on the movable plate, press the switch and move along. At the back, press the 2 switches and go back. Jump into the hole behind the now open door.
Use all three teleporters and activate one gate switch at a time. These are well guarded, you should make extensive use of the shield charging station. When all 3 gate switches are activated, go through the open gate. Quickly shoot down the firing systems on the ceiling. Then jump down the bridge and press the switch on the column. Rise up with the elevator. Climb down at the end of the bridge and press another switch. Climb up again and jump down the bridge again. Walk through the now open door and eliminate the guards.
In the morgue shoot down the firing systems on the ceiling, then examine all corpses and take the access card. Open the room next to it with the access card and activate the 3 emergency blast units of the catching ship.
Hasta la vista baby !


Follow the passage on the left and get the gold key. Continue straight to the statue. Get the blue key behind the free-blown wall on the right side. Go through the door and jump down behind the next door. Lift up with the elevator and operate 2 levers. Pull the lever behind the open door next to the statue and then press the teleporter button.
Unfortunately, it was a trap of Morg and Selma wakes up in prison.
Break the pane and run quickly past the firing systems. At the end of the corridor, a door blocks progress. The switch is around the corner. Run through the door, grab the weapon and continue on the left to the shield charging station. Find the gold key and go back to the prison room. Open the door and pick up the access card from the floor. Enter the next room and listen to both messages. Enter at input console 44568, at next 36911.

Moon Club

Get the gold key in the back building of the factory. Activate the elevator in the front building. Drive to the 1st floor and hit the window at the end of the passage. Move the linen cupboard and take the blue key from the secret room behind it. So open the door on the right in front of the Moon Club. Put on the red dress lying on the bed.
Selma finds records from a resistance organization called Red Space. They call for resistance to an alien race, the Cenobites, who allegedly abused people for their shameful purposes.
Enter Moon Club and move the linen cupboard. Take the red key behind the hologram of Morg, to open the door and press the button.
Talk to William in the Moonbar. From him you get an access card. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor and jump onto the roof of the rear building. Shoot in the pane, enter the train and press the button.

Subway station at the factory site

The rails run back. Break the pane on the left side and enter the guard room. Remove the gold key from the sleeping guard. Listen to the message in the back room and walk through the back door into town. Listen to the message with the code.
Go back to the subway station. The grid is now open. Turn the lever behind and continue on the subway. Enter at input console 75432. Jump on the balustrade and press the 2 buttons.
In the shield charging station, press the button to activate the lift. Press the switch under the balustrade and get the red key. Take the elevator up and get the gold key. Open the door with the gold key, jump onto the dock, run into the room and move the 2 levers in the side rooms. Jump into the resulting hole in the middle of the room, look up and press the button. Run the course to the end and fall down.
Cross the half-open door with a very wide jump (roll under the door) or open with a secret button. The white scorpions can not be killed, so run quickly through the two pits and flip the lever.

Media library

Go upstairs. Press the 3 buttons in the sequence: middle, right, left and then scorpion.
Continue through the open door and press the teleporter button. Go to the room with the 4 scorpion nests and pull the lever on the pillar there. Now up and through the door to the library LAR II.
The scorpion continues to teleport. The books contain interesting facts about the Cenobites.
Cenobites are provided with the divine scorpion mark immediately after birth. Towards the end of the great splitting wars, the leader of the clan, Leon Morg, seized all power on Cenobita. He had the members of the high council assassinated. He was supported by the House of Harkon, who are known for their brutal approach. He forbade the cult of Scorpio and established himself as supreme deity. For the next 5 years, Morg set up a bloodbath among the Scorp priests. The old temples here on LAR were not spared before him. The worst effect of the splitting wars was probably the resulting infertility of the Cenobit women. Too many unexplored chemicals were used. To save his survival and that of the other Cenobites, Morg began systematically infiltrating Earth with the so-called Replics. The profit of VMU has since determined his trade. Human biomass and Lar substance yields VMU. VMU helps the Cenobites prolong their lives.
Flip the two levers. Back from the Media library, it goes left through the now open door.

Again in the subway station.

In the meantime, terrorists have tried to free the entrance to the factory building.
Go back to the guard room on the rails. Take the Lar substance. In the back room is another Lar substance. Run back the rails and pick up the crowbar. Shoot in the pane and climb over the rocks. In the back room you will find another Lar substance.
Back to the subway station, skip the barrier and go through the blasted passage to the city. Go over the roofs to the 6-storied house and take the last Lar substance with you.
Give the man in the subway the 4th Lar substance and get an access card for it.
Climb up the rocks again. This time at the entrance to the back room jump up and smash the grid with the crowbar. Open the door with the access card.
In the toilet the last toilet is occupied. If you stand sideways next to the toilet you can see a box and take a key from it. In the room next to it, take another key from a box. So that the doors open and go through.
Take the lift up. Jump off halfway up and press the switch. Beware of the worms. Drive up, jump onto the other building roof and back to the roof of the elevator building. Climb up the pole and jump over.
Once at the top go through the door and then get the blue and the golden key on the left. Open the door with the gold key and move the block to the side. Jump down and walk on the jetty to the LAR sign until Selma overhears a conversation from a transport to Cenobita.
Go downstairs and take a blast unit. Follow the passage to the next room, then immediately left up the ramp and get three more blast units. Back into the corridor and attach the 4 blasting units to the machines. Now quickly run past the ramp into the back aisle and escape through the two doors.
The successful demolition throws the production of the substance back years. This gives Selma more time to realize her plan.

LAR II - Stock

Take a quick cover and immediately get a battery from the first container.
Turn in the radiant area each of the three wheels until it is green.
Go through the now open door. Insert the battery on the left teleporter button. Teleport with the right teleporter button.
At the spaceship take the elevator to the 2nd floor. The ramp up and jump over on the other side. Walk over to the spaceship on the narrow bridge and climb up the pole inside. Listen to the message (code 7131*).
Take the elevator all the way up and enter the code on the input panel. Pull the lever in the spaceship.

LAR II - Spaceship

During the flight to Cenobita, some tanks of the spaceship explode and Selma must reach a rescue shuttle as soon as possible if she wants to survive.
Gradually jump all the way down to the bottom. On the right side in the corridor activate the first of 7 safety valves. Turn right at the end of the corridor and activate the 2nd safety valve in the next room. From one side room get the gold key and from the other side room get the blue key from the box. Now walk straight back in the corridor and in the next room go right through the door. Here Selma must activate 2 more safety valves and take a yellow key from a box.
Back to the room and activate the 5th safety valve. Open the door to the next aisle. Activate the last two safety valves in the left-hand room at the end of the corridor. In the right-hand room, open the bulkhead with the lever. Then enter the rescue shuttle and start.


With the rescue shuttle Selma manages an emergency landing on Rakos.
Take weapon and ammunition and jump into the hole. Jump over the pillars, cross the next room and jump up to the door. Walk up the ramp, jump to the blackboard and read it. Down and in the side room put the 4 switches in the correct position. (from left to right: up-down-left-right)
Run back through the freed aisle. Pull the lever on the pillar and go through the door to the teleporter. Press the 4 switches in the corners in the correct sequence and then the switch in the middle. Pass through the vacated passage and at the end press the teleporter button.
Follow the glowing trail and take the crowbar with you. Climb up the pole, jump to the other side and press the switch in the ceiling niche. Jump over to the grid and hit with the crowbar. Climb up the poles. From the upper left floor, jump over to the 2nd field from the left and press the switch. Jump back and jump from the middle upper floor to the door. Slide down the slope and press the teleporter button.
Finally, the finish seems close enough - at the end of the hall is the room with the stargate.
It only has to be activated to bring Selma to Cenobita.


Selma is waiting for a hot reception.
Run straight to the shield charging station and collect ammunition on the way. In the shelter of the charging station, the onslaughing guards can easily be defeated.
Advance to the Xenobita box area. Look at the 2 dancers in the establishment. Then go to Jolys and talk to the dancer. From her you get a Ceno pass.
Go up the ramp, at the house at the shield charging station, and take the battery up at the top. Jump over the rocks on the wall to the passage, with a big jump on the middle building and then run up the beam. Keep on hopping until you come over the roof to a passage.
At the entrance to the VMU treatment give the robot the Ceno pass. Right in the room there is a shield charging station. Activate the 7 VMU valves and pull the lever that opens door # 8. Behind it is the 8th VMU valve. If this is activated it will be foggy. Go through the door and open the next door with the help of a switch around the corner. In the staircase is a switch that turns off the fog. Behind some boxes there is a gold key on the floor. With this open the door one floor down and take the crowbar. Run down, hit the grid with the crowbar and go through the door.

Morgs Tower

Go to the restricted area and shoot in the grid with the sign "Zutritt Verboten" (Access forbidden).
Go to the Cenobita Senate and push the block away. Jump down and get the tower card and the ignition key. Run back and jump over the boxes to Morg's Tower. Open the door with the tower card and use the ignition key on the teleport button. Work down and press the teleporter button. Pull the lever and press the teleport button in the rear left niche.
In the left water channel (wait until barrier has gone all the way up) press the button, in the right one go through the door. Drive with the platforms to the elevator and then down.
At the water channel jump on the ventilation and from there behind the grid. Take the blue and gold keys.
Open the door with the blue key and jump all the way down (here the Z-shield proves itself).

The goal

Straight on in the next room is a shield charging station. Go right and get the access card. Watching it wait 2 guards and the ground has electrically charged spots.
Continue to the big room and drive over with the balance beam. Attention - after the 2. barrier make a very wide jump on the podium, before being pushed down. Press the switch and back again through the now open door.
Overcome the first hole with a very long jump, go over the second with the train. At the end of the hall, take the left door and fight downstairs.
Skillfully walk and hop over the railway tracks.
At the end of the corridor there is a door on the left and right.
The left door leads into a room with lava. Get the red key behind the left door here.
Open the right door and Selma faces Morg.

CONGRATULATIONS - You made the 3D action adventure REPLICS 2 - FORGET THE MOON!

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