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Complete Solution: Trauma

Now a new adventure begins ...

Your trauma! The Nameless One escaped you in Darkside of the Sun Part 1-3.
Now he has locked you and your companions in a dungeon. Luckily, the guards are a bit careless and have forgotten to lock your cell door.

Start is in level 5.


First explore everything. Search for wood stick, shirt, shoes and helmet and wear it.
Take the iron key from the chest with the other prisoner. (Kombi 123). Use the iron key to unlock the lock for the next door and get the book. Do not forget the scroll in the niche (code 321 - 123 - 333).
Defeat the guards and the giant. You find a scroll. This should be read. It will permanently bring you plus 1 power point. Fill up your water supply. Now go to the rest room of the guard and get the Gorf key.
The stairs in the north 2 floors up to the 7th level.
Right behind the door is a pair of pants. Go left of the stairs through the fake wall and talk to Laurus. He wants to reward you when he is released. So bravely jump into the hole to level 6.


Press the button behind the illusion wall in the west and take the glass bottle behind the south. Pull the lever in the north 2 x. Now through the illusion wall in the east up the stairs to level 7.


Stay left. Take the gold coin from the pane in the niche and press the button on the pillar. Then step on the plate next to it and go through the illusion wall in the east. Put the gold coin in the slot. Now the combinations of the scroll are used. Left: 321 Right: 123 West: 333.
Press the button behind the illusion wall and Laurus is free. Talk to him. He leaves a box in which one finds the Modero key.
Jump twice into the hole and you're back in the 5th level. Back up to level 7, through the door, take the power pill and up to level 8.


The opponents there are still too strong, but in a box is a small sign. So it's ready again down to level 5.

Use the Gorf key to unlock the cell tract and up the stairs to level 6.
Here is a pretty strong wizard waiting. So heal regularly during the fight.

Then up to level 7.
Here you will find a sword (attack strength +20) and 3 teleporters.
First enter the Teleporter to the west. Open the door with the Modero key and down to level 6.
Go through the illusion wall and throw an object on the plate behind the hole. Defeat the 2 wizards, take the magic formula from the box and learn the spell "Ice Ball" (Eiskugel).
Set the combination gray - green - gray. Read the scrolls for 5 permanent hit and magic points and take the Dungo key out of the chest.

Now it's down to level 4.


Take magic pill and casket and continue down to level 2.


If the strong giant is successfully defeated, use the Dungo key to open the door. In the next room, press the 3 buttons until the middle plate is gone. Take the protective pill and shoot an ice ball on the magician's picture behind the hole. The following picture also gets an ice ball to taste.
Press the rear western button 2 times. Shoot an ice ball over the hole in the niche and the hole disappears.
Now you will find 4 iron keys and a box of food. In the southeastern area unlock the 4 locks and pull the lever behind the illusion wall in the west. Teleport to the center with the teleporter to the south. The northern lever removes the wall to the north of the room. Press the lever at the entrance of the next room, stand in front of the sign with the exclamation mark and throw a bottle on the glass. Now the hole closes next to it. Collect the gold coin and the scroll (5 magic points permanently). Pull the lever and throw the gold coin into the slot at the end of the corridor. Now 2 stairs to level 1 should be free.
First down the eastern stairs.


Talk to the priest. He should be given an amulet. Take the Priest Key (Priestschlüssel) and Guard Ring (Armor Protection 10 points) and up again.
Now down the northern stairs.
Use the western teleporter. Open the door with the Priest Key and bring the cross amulet. Go to the priest with this. If you follow his instructions, you will receive a basement key (Kellerschlüssel) and a silver coin. Back up and down the northern stairs again.
Use the eastern teleporter this time. Bring the 3 healers one healing and two magic drinks. There's a silver coin for that. Throw the two silver coins into the slots of the northern murals. Now a passage has been made in the west. Pull the lever near the dead priest and up the stairs to level 2 and then to level 3.


Take the sword (Attack strength 30 points) here and press the button, so that the passage to the staircase is free.
Move the stone statues in the east and jump into the hole.
Here we overhear a conversation about the new switch codes (code 534 - 251 - 142).
Back up to the statue room.

Click on the easternmost stone statue in the middle until the passage to a lever in the north and 2 in the south becomes clear. Pull the levers. Now the passage to the east is free. Step on both plates and go to the liberated passage in the west.
Call the guardian the name "NECROM". In the next puzzle, place levers 2-3-4 down. Then adjust the monitored switch codes and pull the levers. Take scrolls (1 power point, 5 magic points), Magic pill, book and Gorf key. Unlock the door and enter the teleporter.

You find yourself in level 4 again.
Throw an object on the southern plate, pull the lever and press the button. You are pushed into a wall in the west. Press all buttons. As a reward you will find here a shield (armor protection 8 points) and a gold coin.

Teleport back to level 3 and drop the gold coin in the room next to it.
Pull the lever and the freed stairs up to level 4.
Jump there in a hole to level 3.

Press all buttons and throw an item over the plate. In the next room, pull all the levers to create illusion walls around the statue in the middle. Now take the gem from the statue and leave the room to the north.

Up to level 7 and teleport to the south.
This time enter the middle teleporter. Insert the cellar key.
The color combination is: red - blue - green - yellow - purple.

Down the stairs to level 6.
Put the gemstone in the wall compartment. Hands on the wall continue to teleport. Here you can find boots (armor protection 4 points).
Talk to the scholars. In the southern area you will find a scroll. Give this to the red wizard. You get a food spell and the way to 3 teleporters becomes free.
Left teleporter. Here you will find a scroll with 1 power point permanently.
Medium Teleporter. Here you will find a breastplate (armor protection 6 points) and a staircase leading to level 5.
Take here a scroll (5 magic points permanent), a combat helmet (armor protection 4 points) and the spell "healing strong".
The combination is: red - blue - red - green - green

Teleport from Telemark 2 to level 4.
Read the scroll (5 hitpoints permanently), then pull the levers.
Turn lever 1-4-5 down and pull the lever in the released aisle to the south.
Then turn levers 3 and 4 down and pull the lever in the released west corridor.
Finally, turn levers 1-2-4 down and pull the lever in the released east aisle.
Now a passage has become vacant south. Talk to Lastra's sister. Then continue to the west, get the copper coin, read the scroll (5 magic points permanently) and off into the teleporter.
Throw the copper coin into the slot and talk to the wizard. From him you get a magic powder. Bring this to Lastra. As thanks you get a gemstone from her.

Teleport to Level 6 at Telemark 1. The guard is gone now. Here you will find a leg armor (armor protection 6 points) and a stairway to level 7.
Give the guard the gem.
But oha - what do I see there. For the wall slot, I have now nothing suitable.
So search again. On the shelf in the eastern niche, at the magician who gave us the magic powder, we find a piece of gold. This fits into the wall slot on level 7.
Take the spell role "fireball" (Feuerball), the Korsword (attack strength 40 points) and the Korshield (armor protection 12 points). Up the two northern stairs to level 8 and pull the levers. Now up the two front stairs.
First the eastern one. Wait at the first teleporter until the ball comes, then go into the teleporter and teleport behind the ball. Throw an item on the plate behind the hole and continue north. Use the northernmost teleporter. Get the 2 Alamber stones and bring them to the lumberjacks. Then get the Dungokey.
Now back and up the western stairs. Read the scroll (5 magic points permanent).
From here, 2 stairs lead up to level 9.
First, the eastern staircase 2 x up to level 10. Use the Dungokey. Get the Ork, Mork and Lork statue behind the pitfall room.
Back down to level 8 and the western stairs up to level 9.


Then both stairs up to level 10. At the pitfalls, explore the corridors left and right of it and pull the levers. Give the statues to the 3 brothers.
The southern stairs down to level 9. Pass the rolling walls, go up to level 10 and get the Lomoro key.
Back down to level 9 and down to level 8. Take the scroll (5 magic points permanent) and another Lomoro key. On the gravestones one finds hints on a password.
Now back up to level 10.
The password is AKABGGJB. Use both Lomoro keys.
Down to level 9.
Pull the lever and run quickly through the door (side). Press the button behind the illusion wall. Now a passage in the north is free. Solve the switch puzzles and up stairs in the northwest to level 10.


Press the button, go south and get the 2 iron keys. Do not forget the Luxor Shield (armor protection 16 points). Teleport back and unlock the doors with the 2 iron keys.
Go through the eastern door, get the gold coin and throw it into the appropriate slot. Then get the silver coin and throw it into the remaining slot. Behind it lies the copper coin. With this feed the slit behind the western door. Press the secret button and go up the stairs behind the illusion wall to level 11.


Explore everything and then up to level 12.
Shoot an ice ball on the green target behind the hole. The southern wall disappears. Shoot another bullet at the target behind the southernmost hole. Down the stairs and pull the lever.
Back up to level 12. Search scroll (5 magic points permanent) and guard ring (armor protection 20 points).
Then the northern stairs down to level 11.
Turn south immediately. Here the passage next to the glass wall is now free. Name the mouths "INES", "IRMGARD" and "ILONA".
Take the spell role "devil fire" (Teufelfeuer) and learn. Go south and overcome the pitfalls. Bring the 4 glowing hearts and teleport to the corridor with the glass walls.
Up the stairs and on the other side down again. Pull the lever on the east wall 1 x. Back up to level 12 and jump into the hole. There is now one passage open to the north in this room. Teleport again and go east. Give the brothers the glowing heart. Get a glowing heart and the Modero key and open the lock of the locked door and go up to level 12.


Talk to the wizard and give him a glowing heart. For this you get a chest with 5 iron keys. Unlock all doors.
- Swap a glowing heart for the Shanoramulet.
- Wear the glowing heart at the fire aisle. Collect Warrior helmet (Armor Protection 8 points) and Gold Coin.
- Wear the Shanoramulet by the fountain aisle. Take the leg irons (armor protection 8 points) and pull the lever at the end of the aisle. On the way back pick up a Storm amulet as a reward. Read scroll (5 hitpoints permanent).
- Put on the Storm amulet for the last aisle. Throw the copper and gold coins into the slots. Read scroll (5 magic points permanent). Get the Aloun amulet from the chest and the Iron Boots (armor protection 6 points).

Now go up to level 13.


Do not forget to wear the Aloun amulet.
Use the Eastern Teleporter and learn the spell role "Demonic Ember" (Demonenglut).
Use Northern Teleporter and read a scroll (5 magic points permanent).
Use Western Teleporter and read a scroll (1 power point permanent). Pull all the levers and get out of the chests the Lamur key and the old book volume 2. Read another scroll (5 magic points permanent).
Use the teleport in the center of the map to teleport to level 14.
Pull the lever and teleport back to level 13 and back north to the entrance with the 3 teleporters.

Now up the stairs to level 14.


Open the door with the Lamur key. Get 2 Fram keys and a Lamur key and use them again immediately.
Get light shield (armor protection 22 points) and pull lever.
Read the scroll (5 hit points permanent) and pull another lever.
Read scrolls (5 magic points, 1 power point permanent) and take from the chests the amulet of light and the light ring (armor protection 30 points).
Do not forget the lightsword (attack power 80 points) and go up the stairs to level 15.


Fetch and read the spell roll "Necroflam" and a scroll (5 magic points permanent).

Now up to level 16.


First kill the 9 wizard devils. Then the final fight against Necrom takes place.

CONGRATULATIONS ! The trauma is over.

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