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Darkside of the Sun 3

Tips from Susanne Ostermann

Hey, you adventurers!

Now you have finally done the second part of Darkside of the Sun and ask yourself: what now? No problem: there is still the third part. (Only the Shareware Version)

All the general tips from Part 1 and Part 2 can be taken 1:1 (take everything with you, use tactics in fighting, use water and food purposefully and always carry enough, as well as store a lot and often, especially in front of chests and doors, which you remember, too to open.


You are at the beginning in the entrance area of the castle; - it's kind of weird how much the Janus removes.

You enter with your heroic troop a large hall, which has to offer a secret passage to the east and west on the wall. This should be your first to visit, because there you will find a first part of your equipment. But care! The guards really have it this time; - without equipment = zero chance!

Unfortunately, the guards behind the first door are not tender either; - the best thing to do is to avoid the blows, the fewer hits you collect yourself, the less you have to rest and thus use up valuable provisions reserves; the almighty load and save spell is very beneficial, it also requires a little more patience from its user.
Who does not want to wait until he has found the parchment with the password in the next hall: try out some amphibious friends. (Molch)
You will find the first important water well as you pass the west guard, in the passage below the hole.
Since there are different holes, I have decided for the west hole as the first "departure".

You end up in an area that gives you few opponents, but running around.


In principle, there is not much to say about the levers; if you still have problems with that, you should think about whether he chose the right game (look at the map after each lever!).
In any case, you should then be in the possession of the North Tower key and explore this now from Keller (cellar) to pretty far above (now the way to the ground floor is free again) and it continues with the holes in the east.

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I wish you a successful victory !

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