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Complete Solution: Darkside of the Sun 2

by Susanne Ostermann

Hey, dear ones,

after quite a long time of abstinence, I finally roused myself and with the help of Motelsoft finally got the Walkthrough for Darkside of the Sun 2 get typed ...

So first of all you should use the party creator before starting the game to build a combat-ready troop to your own taste. For this to work at all, one should first solve the write protection on the corresponding files. Gender of the individual members does not really matter, but one should consider something in the configuration of the values: you need a good fighter, a good magician (which should not die too fast) and one who masters both.

The main operation is actually self-explanatory: walking over the arrow keyboard and inventory or items and options via the mouse. If in doubt, this is an advantage, because you can conjure up at the same time and stay away from the enemy. Generally speaking, for all the keys you will find: you can not use the wrong one because every key fits only in the right lock.

Two general tips before we go into the vaults of the palace: stores regularly, especially before opening doors and/or boxes and regularly looks at the maps, it makes it easier to find your bearings !

You are in a narrow corridor with your group; when using the map you will notice that it also shows passages in the wall (the wall is colored red), through which you can go through ...
Did I mention that you should take ALL of found objects with you?
You first meet a guard. This tells you that you have the staff of light; - he leaves you alone to inform Janus, so that you can look around in peace.

The next room has 4 doors:
1. those through whom you came
2. the door on the right, which can be opened, collects everything and introduces you to Xeena as Janus` new adviser, she gives you something for it.
3. The door on the left is and remains closed, but you should have a special stone with you ... pick up, on a character picture and click - eh voila! Collect everything here as well and return the same way.
4. with the key you can now open the last door. Behind this are plant-like structures left and right that want to be fed ...
You should have two items that fit in the openings ...

If so, then a new passage will open and the Guardian of the very downside is pretty angry that you are snooping around so easily. After his violent death (use the gift of Xeena), you find another key that opens the next door.
Caution; From here you have to deal with the rest of the floor with a lot of teleporters, take care that you do not lose track ...

8 takes you to 16 and 16 brings you back to 8; there you meet a healer and a water well; you can very carefully take a few steps to the next floor.
Back at 8, turn to the abacus; - if set correctly, another door will open and Xeena wants to get her wand back, but you will get something to read from her again.

Here is an overview of the teleporters on the ground floor:
 - 2 leads to 5 and vice versa
 - 1 leads to 12 and vice versa
 - 11 leads to 7 and vice versa (water well and healing potion)
 - 3 leads to 14 and vice versa (stairs to the cellar; - the thinker)
 - 6 leads to 15 and vice versa (stairs to the basement - the fighter)
 - 4 leads to 13 and vice versa (chests)
 - 10 leads to 9 and vice versa (more chests)
 - 8 leads to 16 and vice versa


After the ground floor, you should now have two keys and two ways to explore the basement; - the thinker and the fighter.

First, the "simple" side * cough * - the fighter:

The most important thing: the healer and a water well are located in the lower right, just near the stairs.
The opponents are not really numerous, but also not easy to crack. There is nothing special to mention in this half of the basement, except that all levers, switches and buttons should be pressed, as more and more corridors open, so that eventually the right half of the cellar should be explored.


If you now go down the stairs, then you come back to several teleporters. The teleport at the top right at the end of the corridor at least brings you to a healer, the other three are to be enjoyed with some caution.

For safety's sake, I number all teleporters here and name their destination:
1 = 7 (healer)
2 = 5
3 = 13/14
4 = 10/11
5 = 2
6 = 8/9
7 = 1
8 = 10
9 = 12
10 = 3
10a gives way to the south
11 = 2
12 = clears path to 8/9
13 = 3
14 = clears the way south
15 = 3


Consider a good tactic to encounter against the really nasty opponents. Anyway, you should have made the way to the next cellar vault after all these teleporters and a larger hall. So down with you!


There is not much to say about this cellar level: beware of the numerous and very strong spirits, they also fight with remote magic and are hardly to be dealt with in close combat. With the help of the switches and pressure plates you should actually be able to get the way free to the only teleporter. This brings you directly to the stairs, where it goes down again one floor.


Also on the 4th cellar level you should actually have no special problems. There is right next below the stairs a "room" that looks like a cross; - by going back and forth you can move the walls that surround this "room" and thus significantly expand the possibilities of exploration.
If I recall correctly, can one hide keys well in rotten walls?
Let's go to the last cellar!


Down here you have a little more to walk. It's best to take the two doors on the left and then follow the passage to the north. You will find a lot of good equipment here. In addition, you should find somewhere the Janus key you need to get in the tower from the ground floor. At the very end of the hallways you will also find another staircase that will take you back to the first cellar level. From here it goes back to the ground floor.

Now to the more demanding side: - the thinker:

The opponents are not so numerous here, but nevertheless not to be underestimated!
You enter a hall in which there is no apparent progress, the holes in the ground seem insurmountable. You can jump down a floor and explore the little corner in the second basement, but then it should go back to the hall via the stairs.

I said at the beginning that you should take everything with you.
Then something should be there, with which one can throw fine; - stand in front of the third hole and throw a stone over. This lands on a pressure plate, which then makes the hole disappear.
Now you have to experiment a bit with the pressure plates and buttons until a corridor opens up in the entrance area of the hall on the right.
After pressing the button and using the lever, another aisle opens to the north of the hall. In the corridor are three buttons on the wall, the third button is a teleporter. You come to a room right next to the entrance hall. This area should not cause any particular problems, except that you can not scan everything with the teleporter fields. Finally, you are in a small "hole" right next to the Teleportroom, the lever opens the access and you can through the red wall back to the Swiss cheese hall.
With the help of the next switches, levers and pressure plates you can now walk around the invisible walls, two more levers release a new passage to the north. You meet a door that wants to get a gold coin.

Let's go to the next cellar level 2.

In the following area you need a little patience, so you do not lose track.
You enter a hall containing 5 statues, as if on a cube.
It is advisable to look at the map first, I have numbered for clarity, all the important points by and then describe their respective "effect".

Put the statue 1 in the niche, the statue releases a lever, use this, then the statue 2 disappears.
Behind it lies an invisible pressure plate, which shifts the next statue (1 time back and forth again = way clear).
Just click on Statue 3 and it disappears.
The lever at 4 can create on the right wall more red fields, so that you can walk around the statue.
The button at 5 causes the statue 6 to disappear, behind it is a chest with a notebook.
The statue 7 in the middle of the first room can now be used as a teleporter, bringing you into a new room.
The statue 8 wants to have a book there. At any rate, it is not the notebook.
Please be sure to press the button at 9, the statue 10 is then gone and gives access to the teleport 2 free.
With Teleport 1 it goes back to the first hall, you land close to the stairs. Now, when entering the hall, a pressure plate is unavoidable, this shifts the statue 12 when using it.
The Teleporter 3 is pure distraction, it leads back to itself.
Now, however, it makes more sense to first explore Teleporter 2 and its destination. You land in another aisle at Teleporter 4, which then brings you back to 2.
In this aisle system, you should now find a parchment that will help you significantly. Back to the statue hall.
If you follow the passage now at Statue 12, you will meet a prisoner who wants to hear something from you. Try the two items you found first (Stones).
It opens another corridor, at the end you finally, in addition to a water well, also finds the book you are looking for. In addition, you should now be able to expose the access to the stairs in the next cellar vault.
Back to the statue that wanted the book. Do you remember where she was?
Anyway, you get an item as a thank you for, that you later desperately needed.

1 Password STEINE
2 Password SIRA

Do you have everything? Then on, go down the stairs.

In this basement vault, there should not be any problems at first; - The walls can be moved, lever operated and some "statues" want a mild gift to release a passage. You will find a well if you take the right corridor right away (seen from the stairs!), and you will soon find a healer you may need.
It's best to take a strategy with the teleporter types so you do not lose track of where you've been sent.
At some point you should then stand in a opened door in front of a hole, which will lead you to the next cellar.

In the fourth cellar vault you need the codes of the one parchment: first the 413 and then the 233, there you also come back to a healer.
The Teleporter hall you should get mastered with some puzzles, - not always the shortest way is the right one! By the way, you can find the key for the door in a rock niche in the upper right corner of the hall. The door leads you to the stairs towards basement 5.

Also this cellar should cause only limited problems; - you have to walk back and forth a bit, but you get the door opened by the buttons and the pressure plates, in the tour with the glass walls you have to press the switches several times, so you can approach the bag.
With the Janus key, it goes up the stairs again and you should come up in the cellar level 1 close to the stairs back into familiar areas.

Now you should be prepared to go to the upper floors in the direction of Janus: now back to the ground floor, from there on the teleporter to healer and from there up the tower, where you will meet again on Lara. The Good is pretty badly off and needs a break first, you should go ahead without her: good luck!


You are now "in the lion's den", so be careful who you speak to, even the first "healer" is evil and does not want you good. You meet a magician who asks you for a favor; - He wants to have a magic paw that you will surely find in the following. If I recall correctly, would you have to take a closer look at the tapestries somewhere up here? Who has forgotten: 224. The 3 rooms next to the magician are not easy, runs best along the wall, then you should also arrive at the end.
Attention, take the warning seriously: the Hall of Annihilation kills your entire group on the spot, ALWAYS!
The thing about the switches is a bit tricky, but do not give up, trying it out several times you should be able to walk around the misplaced corridors to throw the coins into the opening of a door.
But be careful, you have to insert the coins in reverse to their locality, otherwise they will not fit.
The two halls require a bit of timing, but should be feasible. Anyway, you have to find somewhere the said magic paw, with which you hurry back to the magician. As a thank you for your trouble, he opens the way to the next floor.

You now know my help approach:
1 = back to the hall
2 = 3
3 = 2
4 = 6 (new room)
5 = 5
6 = hall
7 = 8 (new room)
8 = 9 (new room)
9 = 10 (new room)
10 = 11/12 (new room)
11 = 13 (new passage at the stairs)
12 = hall
13 = stairs


My notes are just whispering to me that you will be experiencing so much on this floor, so diligently use the teleporter stones. In addition, the buttons, roll walls, teleporters, the red walls and the "zig-zag-run" tactic should take you further, namely to the next staircase.


Well, the third floor. Hmmmm ... * brooding * ... drum?
The big hall with its many doors promises a lot of racing but is not really that difficult to solve. Jump into the one hole in the wall niche and come back to an unexplored part of the second floor, a teleporter hall.
Otherwise there are not really big problems to solve, so go back to floor 3. Now back to the really important things in life! You should eventually have it ready to open the southern door in the hall with a key. Now follow the corridor and you come into a small room with a hole in the middle and these weird road closers. You will find a parchment with three name fragments. You will also need these in the following. The names are Arcan, Delivra and Menaca; - which you where needed, you have to find out yourself. And you get a clue about the gate switch (there is a short passage from the room that ends in front of a door.) Behind this door you come into another room with a few roll walls blocking the passage (hint on one Parchment). You come to a larger hall, where a hole is blocked by blockades. The switch removes one of the blockades and you can ransack the rest of the second floor.
Finally you should open the access to the stairs to the fourth floor and go there.


This floor has it all; - and in the truest sense of the word! After all, there are plenty of wells here that can save you from many a bad situation; - I hope you have enough bottles with you? For now you come into the enjoyment of water wells, healing potion wells and mana wells; - believe me, you will need them too!
Otherwise, there are no particular difficulties, in the pillared halls there are a few teleporters, but they are not dramatic, since they always leave you in the same room, but always settle in front of a new opponent.
The opponents are mediocre in number and should now, albeit not in quantities, but with tactics to be defeat. The frequency of the wells spares you the constant rest and the even stupider back running, because now, gentle adventurer, let's fight forward!
After you have found the Finsterschlüssel (dark key), it goes back, almost down to the stairs, where the path was initially blocked. There it goes up to the fifth floor.


Once there, you are facing three doors: the left and right are locked, straight on you can open the door ... and get ready for some hot battles. The counters release more and more aisles and finally you have found two coins that open the doors to the north. Walk along the hallway to the left and explore the premises, then turn right as seen from the door. With the help of the teleporter and the stones you have, you should pass these teleport pressure plates and now enter the hall, where there are several "golden" pillars that you can not pass.
Throw a stone backwards against the wall between the pillars; - it is a wall of illusion - then operate the switches in the room so that the passage behind the wall becomes free. Behind it, you will find a small key and through the next corridor, it goes back into the arena of death.
With the key you can now open one of the previously locked doors and up the stairs to the 7th floor.

Here you have to experiment with the switches until the hole on the right is permeable; - jump in. You will find a gold coin, then go back to the arena. Now you can go to the 6th floor.


You meet some dragons and sorcerers, otherwise nothing special. The parchment gives you assistance for the switch-key hall and you would have to find another stone of the dead (Totenstein). With the three Harkschlüsseln (Hark keys) then it goes on through the locked door. Later on you will find a vanis plate, of which you need a total of three pieces.
The battles are numerous, but not insurmountable, and the teleporters and counters are self-explanatory and not too confusing.
If you come to the staircase on the top right map: it must be committed from all four sides. Go up the path from the right and gradually jump into the holes below, left and up, do not forget the respective buttons. Then you take the right passage, which leads you on to the next floor. From there you can jump through the holes around the stairs to the bags. You will also find the other vanis plates.
Back on the 6th floor, continue through the new passage on the right, where you must use the first vanis plate.
Let's go to the 7th floor.


Through the vanis plates you get the way to a "puzzle" area: You have to go over some stairs on the 8th floor (attention, disease!) on the other side of the locked doors. Then it goes on over a few teleporters: you must always walk back the small aisle, so you continue to be teleported. The long walk with all the witches is pretty tough; - hopefully you still have one or the other stone of the dead?
After a while, you should stand in front of the stairs to the 8th floor.


About a small detour in the 9th floor you are now in a "mirror hall". In two places you can throw a stone over the holes, so you can explore the hall slightly. Via the holes, you will be taken back to floor 8 and then to the switch below this hall. He makes a further button appear on the north wall of the hall, with the help of which another floor opening disappears.
Anyway, you come across one of the holes in a tiny room, where you find the key needed to get ahead. But then you have to walk a part of the way to get back into the hall.
Then it goes through the door.
What follows now is a bit of racing between floor 8 and 9. Anyway, at some point you would have to have two coins: a copper and a silver and a hallway with several coin issues, two of which can be found in a small room on the bottom left of the map. There you can exchange the two coins for two gold coins, with which it then goes on.
The mages you're fighting for are getting stronger and stronger over time, so you should be careful that these guys do not meet in hordes, so always finish nicely one at a time, unless you have a few stones of the dead.


The teleporter in floor 9 brings one to access the last floor.
You still need a Janus key to get ahead. You'll find him if you explore the left aisle a little more closely, but beware! It contains a rotating field, so always pay attention to the compass in between.
Finally, you reach the stairs to floor 10 and thus are a bit closer to the final battle.


The halls should not cause you any difficulties, even the buttons and levers are self-explanatory and lead you on directly.
What's exhausting again is the fight against all the magicians.

And there he is; - Janus, the Nameless, your opponent. Have fun!

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