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Complete Solution: Darkside of the Sun 1

by Susanne Ostermann

So first of all you should use the party creator before starting the game to build a combat-ready troop to your own taste. For this to work at all, one should first solve the write protection on the corresponding files. Gender of the individual members does not really matter, but one should consider something in the configuration of the values: you need a good fighter, a good magician (which should not die too fast) and one who masters both.

The main operation is actually self-explanatory: walking over the arrow keyboard and inventory or items and options via the mouse. If in doubt, this is an advantage, because you can conjure up at the same time and stay away from the enemy. Generally speaking, for all the keys you will find: you can not use the wrong one because every key fits only in the right lock.

Uses the memory slots, there are enough available! Also, keep looking at the map because you do not recognize some walls as what they are.

So, now that you have a highly motivated troop together, you will find yourself in a basement dungeon after the launch. According to the map (click with the left mouse button at the map symbol) we are on the 6th floor and have nothing to put on and nothing in our hands. Drinks and food will still find their way through the game, but handle it carefully as one or the other may still be needed to open some doors. Along the way, there are always water fountains on every floor, where empty bottles can be filled (left click on the bottle, go to the well and click on the left again, then put it back in the inventory). Remember to give your people breaks and to provide them with food and drink in between.

All small bags contain useful things, so take them with you! In the first there are already two bottles, then you should read the sign and then talk to Lara (is in the hallway on the left). After the conversation, a corridor has opened to the south. There is another bag (I do not describe the contents anymore ...). In the corridor, only one door can be opened. Attention, behind it are two fighters. One meets the same, the other, when one leaves the room again. Collect everything and leave the corridor to the north again. There you will find more equipment. Finally, since the two other doors on this floor can only be opened with a key or a coin, the only way is through one of the holes (on the top left of the map). A little tip on the edge: not all doors that look like it need a coin to open.

You will find yourself on the 5th floor again. Attention, a fighter is running around freely! In addition, you come to a sign and a pressure plate in the north: do not enter, your people will receive a lightning strike! Collect everything useful, then press the switch. Behind the wall there is a wooden box where you can find a key, but beware, from now on: before every wooden box that you want to open, save the score! One after the other, open the locked doors and fight with the hidden fighters behind them. Get used to an effective style of batting quickly (always from right to left or vice versa and always strike again if possible), the opponents do not remain so harmless in the course of the game! Then you go back to the 6th floor.

Fighting against all your opponents should now be clear, so in the following I'll talk more about the overall process and the puzzles of the game.

With the found coin you can now open the door on the top right of the map. Behind it, on a wall, you will find a switchboard with three skulls, with the help of which you can make the hole disappear. If you click on this board, the heads appear in large format and you should now click them in the correct sequence. Do not worry, you have an unlimited number of attempts. On the map on the top right you will find such a switchboard again (same principle) and a third one can be found on the map below right (of course only after you have passed some more heroic battles ....). Finally, you enter a hall with five signs. At the southernmost sign a solution word must be entered, which results from the four other signs. If you want to do it yourself, please skip the sentence now. The solution word is:
Then another aisle opens. Take a closer look at the walls .... After you have pressed the two switches, a little further north you will see two aisles. In the left aisle you will find another key. At the end of the right-hand aisle you are asked to throw something hard into the slot. You will still find this item, so you do not need to try everything you already carry around with you. If you go back to the north-south corridor, you can unlock the left door with the key and go back down to the 5th floor. After you have turned off all opponents and pressed all the levers, you are now in a hall, in the upper right of several pressure plates are visible. Attention, in the hall are also quite annoying transport fields.
So far, you should already have four spells: 2 healing spells and 2 poison balls. You learn the spells by using the spell roll on the inventory face of one of your people (like drinking, already known spells are rejected).
If you now walk on one of the pressure plates, you fall down to the fourth floor. Turn around immediately, because there is a pretty strong opponent who immediately starts to hit you.
Then look around on the fourth floor. You will find a box with a stone. The stairs down to the third floor you can use for now without hesitation, because it is not very far there and no opponent waiting for you. Free the prisoner and remember the password. If necessary, skip the next sentence again. The solution word is:
Then you can first clear the access to the 5th floor, as the way to the stairs from the other side is still blocked. Now turn around and run down the stairs again. You end up in a room on the map just above the stairs, there you will find a key (door on the bottom right on the 5th floor) and you have to enter the password. Then, on the left side, the wall opens with the sign "durch diese Wand so manches Kind verschwand" (through this wall many a child disappeared). Did not you just find something to throw? Somehow you have to make the hole disappear .... After you have then rummaged the underlying corridors, you go back to the 5th Floor and can now examine the rooms bottom right. With the coin found there it goes to the 6th floor, where now the right of the two doors can be opened. Hopefully you still have a choice of edibles? You will receive a stone that you need elsewhere. When you go back down the hall, follow the stairs to the 7th floor. Attention, free-running dogs! And do not be too curious, not all boxes are harmless ... Do you have anything to drink? With the second stone in your luggage, you can now go back to the unexplored corridor on the 6th floor. From there it goes from the lower floors to the higher areas, thus to the 7th floor ...
True to the motto "Wissen, Licht, Natur" (knowledge, light, nature)(the assignment of the symbols should be clear ... ;-) you now pressed the three switches (transporter). If you have explored the southern areas, follow the course north. Before you cross the pressure plate there: Do you already have the revival spell (Wiederbelebungs-zauber)? Check to see if the person who is learning it has enough magic points to perform it (at least 120). In addition, you should now be pretty sure in your fight strategy. When you enter the pressure plate, the way back is blocked behind you. He can later be exposed by a switch, but your attention should first apply to your new opponent. The magicians running around are not only very strong but also numerous. So regenerate and save after each fight if possible!
How to open doors, should now be clear. But then you have a small, but not insoluble problem: After pressing a switch Lara wants to contact you and leaves you alone with a control panel with five different colored cables and a control scale.
The cables can be loosened to the right if you click on them on the left at the connection point. Now you can connect it to another place (also several cables in one place). What might be just this funny strip that is sometimes more, sometimes less long? Oops, now he reaches all over the field.
You are now entering the 8th floor, an illusionist warns you of false friends. As far as you are staying here no direct enemies are around. Do you run around to the left you meet .... again Lara? If you want to do her a favor and get down into the hole, beware, there's a very strong sorceress waiting for you there. Back on the 8th floor, turn right around to another hole that will send you back to the seventh.
Then it goes on to the 6th floor. An illusionist asks you for a favor and you are dealing with a lot of fighters right away. The next hole takes you to the fifth. Take a closer look at the walls there. In the fourth there is something "bagging", then the path leads you down to the first floor.

On the first floor you find yourself in a room with several levers again. How was that again with the connection cables? Each opens another corridor, which is to explore. The passage on the right leads to the stairs to the second floor, but all the secret walls are not uninteresting either.
Attention, on the second floor you meet immediately a rather strong knight. Do not forget the box and look around the map. Then the corridors will search between the 1st and 2nd floor. Finally you meet Lara, who points out the problem with the solution word. Do you still know it? For the people without paper or with weak memory, the word was called:
Presses all signs and the switches behind them. In the next room then disappears a pillar and thus releases a pressure plate. When you enter these, all three cell doors will open and the knights, who have been caught before, will be busy to thank you for a while. The corridors with the pressure plates are not completely safe, ... Danger of lightning! Now follow the course south, press both switches left and right and there is another aisle to the south. On the left is a locked door, on the right a staircase leads to the second floor. Well, why can you use the new spell now? And that with the hole and a pressure plate behind it is surely very familiar to you ..., a really stony puzzle! Remember the thing about the hot boxes, but one of them holds the key to the door on the lower floor. That's the way back.

Soon you will find yourself in a large hall with stone figures between the pillars. One of them blocks access to a switch-key, but look at the right wall. After switching, the blockade figure is gone and you can use the other switch. If you go over one of the northern pressure plate, the way back is blocked by a statue. Take the sign very literally. Finally, a woman asks for a stone and offers you a key. The requested stone can be found in the south. Open the door and search all the rooms.

Then it goes to the 2nd floor to get the missing key. You are soon in a cell tract. Open the doors one after the other and deal with the problems behind them. Remember something again? Oh please, no phone numbers .... Attention, in the cell top left are quite a few soldiers. Open the door at the head last and answer the question with "ja". Caution after opening the next doors. What was that again? 252 11 525, or vice versa, or how? In the next cell aisle, three torturers block the way into the back corridors. If you press the switch once, then the first way is free. Then press the switch a second time, then the second way is free, and the third? Finally, switch again so that the following way is free again. What you have to do with the gold coins, should probably be clear. Take a look at the wall before the third throw-in, why did you come back?
Then it can go back to the first floor to attend the last door. From the 1st we go up the stairs to the 2nd floor, then on to the third floor. There you come to a hall whose further corridors are blocked by statues. Press both switches once each to expose a aisle. Repeat the action twice, then it goes through a hole back to the second floor.

The silver coins are invested profitably, then explore the rooms in a southerly direction. If you use the switch on the right under the stairs, a corridor opens to the west. Attention, the passage on the right has a blockade, you pass the passage on the left and a transport field there. The southern door contains a knight and a pressure plate. The northern door also hides a pressure plate and a gold coin. Then it goes back to the two pressure plates top right. After all, there is a warrior in the way who claims to be incorruptible ... but only the price must be right! Then the access to the next staircase is free.

On the third floor you enter a hall with two pressure plates on the floor. The upper one opens an aisle to the south, the lower one is a control panel. But with a little instinct, you will certainly be able to get into the hallway. There are quite a few rotating fields at the bottom right. When you reach the big hall with the many pressure plates, it's best to take the upper path over the plates, the damage to your group is the least. Take a closer look at the wall, but beware, there are some giants behind. In the corridors on the left, after entering, a few pressure plates come to light. The keys for the two locked doors can be found on the fourth floor, so again climbing stairs.

You are now on the 4th floor and in a hall with a lot of holes. It is quite dark here ..., is there no light switch? How about the one on the left wall? First, take a look at the hall. Then you go back to the hallway on the left wall. Hole? Pressure plate? Was there not something? Anyway, the hole behind you disappeared and you reach another switch. Using the same closes the hole and releases the aisle.
Now to the five aisles on the right: number the aisles from top to bottom. About hole 2 and 3 you each throw a stone, then the hole 4 is gone and gives the way free to another switch. Switch twice, then you have a gap in the north of the "circle of holes" that allows you to make the way to the pressure plate in the middle of the hall. Upon entering the plate you will be teleported behind the hole 5. After searching all rooms, you will return to the third floor through a hole. First open the room in the middle of the hall and then take the passage to the right. Finally, a staircase takes you to the 4th floor.

You enter a room with four levers: on the west wall No.1, on the north wall No.2 and on the south wall from right to left No.3 and 4.
Lever 1: The teleporter will take you to the center of the room you are already in.
Lever 2: The teleporter brings you into a hall that is made of walls of illusion. Behind the locked door on the right is the teleporter back, do not worry, the key is also somewhere around.
Lever 3: You stand in a very large hall with 9 levers on the walls. I briefly describe where you arrive at on which lever, and start at the top right and go counterclockwise: 1. New room bottom right, pressure plate leads back into the hall. 2. Back to the first room with levers. 3. Stay in the big hall. 4. Back to the first room with levers. 5th - 9th stay in the great hall.
Back in the room with the first four levers, the last one is still missing: The teleporter takes you to new rooms at the bottom left. You are finally in front of two closed doors and would have to have two keys. First the right door: the first lever makes a wall disappear behind the left door, the second lever brings you back to the starting room. After examining the left passage, you go up to the 5th floor.

After several pressure plates, levers and secret switches, you follow a corridor to the east until you reach a room with two doors and two inaccessible switches. Enter the right room and switch on the lever there until the levers are free in the large room. These then open two more aisles, one to the north, one to the south. You will find three switches and a button in the wall, as well as a completely useless switching instructions. You can try it yourself or look here. All levers must point to the left and then press the respective buttons. Take the upper room first, there you will find another key.

Then you follow the stairs to the 8th floor. There you first examine the southern corridors. Then you follow the course north. A guy appears and asks you to sacrifice. Have you seen all the pictures and brought a dagger and a sword? You enter a room with a locked door and two questionnaires: left question = Planet, right question = Himmel. Behind the left question you enter the hall of the dagger, sacrifice it and then descend through the hole to 7. Beware, here you get into a trick-room, where you gradually block the way back. Run first left along the wall. Think of the counters in the South ... After leaving this room safely, you are in possession of a key and a gold coin. Again on the eighth floor, with the right question, it goes into the hall of the sword. Also sacrifice this and descend again to 7. Search all rooms and corridors, here run around no opponents. Press everything on switches. Finally, you should have found a better equipment and a second gold coin, then go back to 8. The previously locked door is now open and you come into a large hall with many walls that constantly change their place but are to run through as walls of illusion. You come in an aisle with some opponents, then you meet again on an incorruptible and finally you are allowed to continue beating until you reach the stairs to the 9th floor.

You continue to follow the stairs after 10. You come to a hall with three aisles. There is a hole to the 9th floor in the left aisle. The right aisle has a transporter field back to the middle aisle. The switch at the end of this corridor is not important for solving the game. To get through the door you just have to walk along the middle aisle very fast. Then follow the passage on the map to the left. Drop a stone over the hole and walk back down the aisle, then you pass a transporter field that teleports you behind the hole (take the stone back on the way back!). When you leave the rooms again, let yourself fall down to the 9th floor and go up the stairs again. This works equally well with the other two aisles.
Do you have problems with the desired numbers in the central area? It's 21 and 14. You can see the first in the middle of the room, if you look closely at the map. The second is the result of the required invoice. Do you have all the red stones?

Then it goes down to 9. Explore the premises to the south, there in the battle hall you will have plenty of opportunity to make any amount of experience points. With the three keys you found you can open the three doors leading to the south, where you will find the key for the door on the top right. Have you already found the following things? Feather, book and mirror are needed on the next floor.

Arriving on the 10th floor and using the objects correctly, you will find the first of the four staff parts there, after which you will first enter the 11th floor.
There, entering the pressure plates walls disappear and in addition to some fights, there should be no problems at first. Careful, you'll always come across treacherous rotating fields that make you lose your bearings, so check the map every now and then. Then it goes over the 12th floor first again only one higher. Once again you will find yourself in a Swiss cheese hall: lots of holes! First, explore the hall, the door just to the right of the hall entrance opens with a gold coin that should still be in your inventory. Look carefully, the door in the north can be opened, if you have put the right key in the lock in the pillar. Behind the door then leads a staircase to 12.
First push the lever and explore the hall, you can also clear the way to the 13th floor. Turn now to the doors: behind it you will find a picture gallery.
Remember the mappings on some of the pictures, or look here:

Finally you go up the stairs to the bottom right to 13. There you first examine the northern corridor, which ends in a dead end. If you go south then you have to give the incense (Weihrauch) several times and there is a good spell there. You come to two aisles where there are two buttons and a switch. To clear the way, you must do the following: use the switch once, the left button once and then the switch twice. Then you come to two more buttons. Once left, once right and once again left gives the path to the next switch free. Finally, you're in a gangway with four buttons on the wall and two blocked aisles. Number them from the bottom up. To get to the left, you have to press 2 and 4, then set the buttons back. Logically, press 3 and 1 to enter the right-hand aisle. The double door should probably not be a problem. Attention, in the following aisle is a rotating field. Behind the door on the top left is a number of fighters and before you go up to the 14th floor, you should have found the second piece of the staff.

On the 14th floor you will again be advised to have two parts, as your return journey will soon be blocked. You enter a large hall with glass walls, behind you the path leads you into two other large halls with many opponents. Finally, you enter a corridor that runs like a labyrinth (spin fields!). At the end of this corridor, you enter two large halls, each with a staircase to the top. First, you follow the southern staircase and examine the premises, then you follow the northern staircase after 15.

You come to a room with 5 levers and a button. I number as follows: top right = 1, right center = 2, bottom right = 3, top left = 4 and bottom left = 5. You now press the following: first the button and then the switches 2, 5, 4, 1, 3, then a corridor opens to the north and you will now find the third part of the staff. On the map above left you come to two aisles with holes. You throw a stone over the hole in the right aisle, then another aisle opens. Bend in time to the west and do not run over the pressure plates, the way back is still very complicated at the moment. Finally you come to a small room with three pictures on the wall. In each niche is a teleporter. In the northern niche you will be transported to a room located on the top left map. Back it goes over the switch on the pillar: it creates a new gap in which is a teleporter. The left niche brings you into a room in the middle left, the way back is the same. The southern transporter takes you into the room at the bottom left, with teleport fields in this and the next room. In the third of these rooms you have to enter the pressure plate to return. Using one of the switches in the two teleport rooms clears the way for another door. Examine the rooms behind and climb up to the last floor.

On the 16th floor, you are surrounded by doors, which is pretty good, because there are a lot of nasty snakes lurking behind, which are very strong, so if you can not fight well yet, then you will surely learn it here. After examining the first door wreath, now control the second wreath of doors. Keep the doors on the right side until the end, because after passing through the door at the top right, at the end of the corridor, the way back is blocked. You are then in a huge hall that occupies almost the entire floor. There is a room with a fountain in the upper left and you should find two keys, one to open the door to the lower right and another to enter the narrow room in the hall. When you have the key, get ready for the final battle.
Another small tip: since the guardian of the last part of the staff is very strong, leave the room again and again. Your boss does not follow you!

I wish you a successful victory !

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