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Complete Solution: Megrims Rache (Megrim's Revenge)

Take everything with you. Uses the memory slots, there are enough available! Also, keep looking at the map because you do not recognize some walls as what they are.

At the beginning you are thrown into a hole.

In the 11th floor.


Talk to Lara around the corner (code 331). Behind the ladder press the button and take the magic fire.
Get down the ladder and get 2 gold coins. Back up and use this. Then the ladder down.

To the 10th floor.


Enter the code of Lara here. Get out in the hole room three iron keys.
Password Guardian: STAB
Use the 3 keys and go down the ladder 2x.

To the 8th floor.


Get Bork key. Pull a few levers around the corner and up the vacant ladder.

To the 9th floor.


Take Gold key and down again. Insert the Gold key in the north and enter code 214.

7th floor


Fetch the blue fireball magic and Arena key in the slaughterhouse.
Use Arena Keys and down the ladder.
The password of the guardian is MIRGEM. The code 534.
Get 2 silver coins and the Hook key and use.
Teleport to the north in front of the teleporter room and get the Grit key.
Down the ladder after the teleporter room.

To the 6th floor.


Here are the number codes 555 and 444.
In the hallway 555 the ladder down.

To the 5th floor.


Open the left door with the Grit key. After surviving the fight against the lions you will find another Grit key. With this open the door to the southwest and up to the 6th floor.
The console combo is: brown - red - brown - blue - green
Ignore Megrim's advice and press the button in the east.
The number codes are: 343 + 153 + 240.
Get the medal and the commemorative medal in the lever room. Then continue south and get the ruby.
Insert this at the door in the west and take the Master key with you. Give the lion 1 meat leg each.
Then bravely jump into the depths.
Put the Master key again on the 5th floor near the right door. Here you meet Lara again.
North is a silver coin. Jump into the hole in the north aisle.

To the 3rd floor.


Get the Gold key at the carousel ride of death.
Back up and insert the coins at the 2 slots in the west.
Penetrate down to the ladder.

To the 4rd floor.


Get 2 red stones, 1 diamond and 3 blue stones. The number code is 312.
Use the diamond and 2 red stones for the dragons. Now the passage in the south is free.
Give the 3 blue stones to the dragon, pull the levers and get the Gold key.
Enter code 354 and down the ladder.
Insert the gold key here. Through the pit mine room up to another ladder which leads 2 floors into the depth.

To the first floor.


Back up and jump into the southern hole. Fetch Megrim's key and Gold coin.
The ladder in the southeast up again.

To the 2nd floor.


Get silver coin and down again.
Use gold and silver coin at northwest doors and ladder up to the 2nd floor.
Give the lion water. Then the rear ladder up and jump right back into the hole and get the ruby.
Again the rear ladder up. At the end of the corridor, the ladder back down.
Give the lion the ruby.
The numerical codes are 135 + 145.
The ladder up and jump into the hole. Pull the lever and then the ladder up.
Get 2 Hook keys and use them at the southern doors.

Head up to the 7th floor and unlock the door with Megrim's key.
Take the magic fire and the ladder up to the 8th floor.
Look for the iron key and the medal and then up to the 9th floor.
Use the iron key here and collect the gold key, the commemorative medal, the silver coin and the gold coin.
Up the western ladder and then up the left and right ladders and pull the levers. Then pick up the northern ladder and get the medal.
Now back to the 9th floor and up the 3 northern ladders.
Here insert the silver coin, the gold coin, the medal and the commemorative medal.
Down the southwestern stairs. There you will find a new fire magic and the Gane key. Use this at the door to the west.
The ladders in the north 2 floors down. Bring the Grola key and up again.
Now the southwestern staircase back up and up again.

To the 12th floor.


South combination: purple - blue - green - brown - red
Western: purple - purple - brown - green - green
North: blue - blue - red - brown - green
The number code is 053.
Bring Brom-, Brass- and 3 Gold keys. (Tip: click on window)
Traverse pit mine room and up the ladder.

To the 13th floor.


Bring and assemble ball, gold brooch and rod.

Now up to Megrim on the 14th floor.


Then it's time for the final battle against Megrim. He has tons of points.
So again and again to attack and retreat to regenerate ... until he is defeated.

Congratulations you have defeated Megrim.

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