Die Insel - Guidance

THE ISLAND - an adventure strategy game

PC program Harald Breitmaier & Heinz Munter 1993
DOS / Windows - Version 1.0

MOTELSOFTS THE ISLAND can only be started from the hard disk.
The island needs about 6.5 MB of free space there!

The island was programmed on a PC 486 DX / 50 MHz (minimum 386SX processor) and absolutely requires a VGA card and a mouse!
As a soundcard we use the Soundblaster 16 ASP.
Under DOS, there must be 550 KB of free main memory for the game to start!

To be able to play the island copy the file ISLEPAK.EXE into an empty directory of your choice on the hard disk and then start the program from THERE.
After unpacking all files you can delete the program ISLEPAK.EXE!

IF YOU NAME A SOUNDBLASTER YOUR OWN, start the driver file SBFMDRV.COM that comes with the sound blaster.

If you have another 100% compatible sound card, start a corresponding FM SOUND DRIVER PROGRAM.

Now start the program INSEL_V.EXE (FULL VERSION).
If all goes well, you'll be greeted with a little tune and the title image of the game.

To skip the header, quit the name input with a fast [RETURN] [RETURN]

The goal of the game is:
- explore the enemy island
- Retrieve and destroy troops of Prince Kalid
- bring back the "Magic Disk" to SAN LARGO (San Largo is the player's base)
- pacify or conquer all hostile cities
- Complete orders of the Queen of San Largo
In order to obtain the necessary money you can barter with the cities of the island.

Some tips for starting the game ...

How do I start bartering?

1. In San Largo, equip a ship with men and food.

2. Sail to the island and go ashore (board the ship against the shore).

3. Find a village or city (put the player icon on a city icon).

4. Explore the location (click magnifying glass in the main screen).

5. Terrify the inhabitants or try to establish peaceful trade relations.
    (click corresponding menu items)
    Naive boisterous citizens are easily SCARED.
    When the citizens are ready to trade behind the city name appears HANDELSORT.
    From now on, you can click directly on the main screen the menu item "HANDEL" to swap.

6.Radical method:
   Place the player symbol on a city symbol and click on the menu item ANGRIFF.
   It comes to fight. (Press space bar for options as the fight progresses)
   Maybe the citizens will offer you a peace treaty,

   which automatically turns the place into a trading location (menu item "HANDEL")
   or you win the fight - then you can rob all goods of the city
   (later you only need to click on the menu item "BESUCHE" to further loot the place)

How do I get back to San Largo to exchange captured gold for Dukaten?

- Drive your ship to one of the edges of the picture TOP BOTTOM LEFT or RIGHT

Well! - But how do I get back to the ship at all?

- Walk with the player icon directly on the ship icon

How do my men become soldiers rider knights?

1. Build a Traning Camp (click on menu item "BAUE")

2. Place the player icon on the training camp icon

3. Click on the menu item "BESUCHE"

4. Deliver some men (Only those men are shown who are not needed to carry the goods - so are free)

5. Leave the training camp for a few days - then come back and pick up your warriors

I desperately need warriors in a remote part of the island but the soldiers refuse to board the ship - what now?

1. Find one of the teleport stations and ... teleport yourself with your warriors to the new destination

2. Build new training camp he he he

How do I find this damned Kalid and his bases?

1. Click the question mark in the upper left corner of the main screen

In all menus where goods or men are transfered, a larger amount can be moved by pressing the RIGHT mouse button above the arrow symbols.
press left mouse button > one man is brought ashore by the ship
press right mouse button > 50 men leave the ship!

Be careful not to over-load your men's clothes!


By the way, there is also a continuation of the island. The ISLAND II is since 2003 in an improved version freeware.

So now we wish you many entertaining hours with San Largo and the ISLAND.

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