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Instructions and tips for the game can be found in the Project Terra Handbook.

Complete solution Level 1-5

Level 1


From the control room (startroom) go to the left, then in the corridor and at the end through the left door, take floppy disk and fuse.
Then back and keep right until you come to the communication center. Take a screwdriver out of a wall niche. There is also an energy compartment for water there.
Back to the control room (looking towards the door). Open the left fuse box with the screwdriver and insert the fuse.
Go back to the communication center and take the elevator downstairs. Take there receiver (put in the hand and turn on), jacket, ID card (water) and radio set (put in the hand and turn on).
At the computer console, click the red button to get information and energy-emitter codes.
Then click with the disk on the drive next to the red button and read the 2 files (click "number" and "=").
Now back to the control room and insert the fuse into the right fuse box.
Let's go to the team sector (opposite the communication center). There is also an energy compartment for food here. Take the canister and take the elevator down one floor.
Collect 2 helmets, 2 pairs of boots, 2 jackets, 2 pants and an ID card (food).
Now take the elevator down one floor. Go straight through the door and take the bag and the Rak key. Then back and hold right. Remove the fuse from the fuse box and get the gun from the niche, the pants and the canister. Fight the robot with energy ball and pistol. In the absorber center, get the 2 blue energy generators (+2). Put them in the hand to regenerate energy. Attention: There are 2 robots and with each step energy is subtracted.
Raise two floors by elevator, then refresh water and food. (Put in front of the compartment and activate the energy code for opening.) Put the ID card in the compartment, fill the canister with water.) Do not forget to take the ID card with you.
Take the fuse out of the control room and then left again into the corridor, as at the beginning of the game. A tone signals the receipt of a message. This can be called off by clicking on the recipient in the action field. At the end of the aisle, open the right door with the RAK key. Place a fuse into the fuse box and open the door. Take boots, pants and 2 helmets. Place another fuse into the fuse box in front of the supply center (Versorgungszentrum) and go up with the elevator.
Take boots, jacket, floppy disk, Jin key and sensor (indicates enemies nearby). There is an energy compartment for tablets and vitamin capsule (increases strength), as well as one for keton (increases intelligence) and water. When going back take the 2 fuses again.

Now go straight from the control room and open the door with the Jin key. Keep running until the end and get the Kalar key. Continue until you reach a door with a fuse box. In front of it is a door that can be opened with the Kalar key. Behind it lies a water bottle and a pocket watch (indicates playing time). Put a fuse into the fuse box, open the door and take the Com-key right around the corner. Open the door to the control room with this. There is also a laptop somewhere (indicating how many robots have been neutralized or destroyed). Bring back the fuse and go to the teleport station through the door that was previously opened with the Com key. In between, listen to the new message.
Enter the front teleport in the teleportation station. There eliminate the robot and take the container. Teleport back and enter the rear teleporter. You come to the outer district sector B12. Defeat the two robots, take the pistol and use another teleporter. Again, there are 2 robots waiting. Once done, take your backpack and lighter with you. Now teleport 2 times to get back to the teleport station.
If necessary, refresh food and water.
Now go to the Beamstation. Immediately enter the first teleporter on the left. Attention: Spacesuits (the yellow and red one) must be worn while beaming.

Level 2


In the arrival room there are four doors:
Go straight forward through the door and get the candle.
Door on the right leads to a teleport room. There is a test tube.
Door on the left leads to a teleport room. The right teleporter leads back to the Beamstation (Level 1).
Door at the back leads on. Take the lighter, test tube and container with you.
At the computer console one learns further energy-emitter codes.
Then enter "Log in to the ground station" and enter the required password (appears in the manual) to open the door next to it.

Immediately left in the room there is ever an energy compartment for water, food and ketone.
On the right is a robot. Behind the first door on the right is an energy compartment for weapons, inside is a pistol, and one for vitamin capsules.
Behind the second door is a teleport room. There pick up the canister, the candle and the bag.
Then go into the hallway with the floor plates. At the computer console you will find information about robot programming and energy-emitter codes.
Press the wall button and go into the teleporter. You get a message.
In the elevator to the underground is an ID card (weapons). This can be used to recharge the pistols at a weapons energy compartment.

Now drive down, there is another security check.
It's dark in the underground. Therefore put the candle in your hand and light it in the action field with the lighter.
Now always keep right and get the BM pointer, the candle and the Saida key.
If you are fast you can do it without fighting. Then go back and up again.

In the corridor behind the left door jump into the hole. Press all 3 wall buttons. Step on the bottom plate two times, take the acid bottle and take the green energy generator (+1) and the candle in the open passageway from the niche. Then go into the teleporter.
You come to a door with a floor plate in front of it. Complain the bottom plate, a weight of 6 kg is sufficient to close the hole in the aisle next to it. Now open the door with the Kalar key and pick up the Robotronic next door. Now back to the bottom plate, then continue to the sign relaxation room (Entspannungsraum - the door can be opened with the Com key) and continue straight on.
Here are some robots lurking. Defeat them, take the pistol and step on the 3 bottom plates on the wall to clear a passage on the other side. In the next area lurk also a few robots. Take the floppy disk and the Robotronic there.
Press the wall button, release a shortcut, and open the door with the Saida key.

Now you get to the crew room (Mannschaftsraum) of the ground station Terra and receive a message.
On the right you will find 4 jackets, 4 pants, 4 pairs of boots and 3 helmets.
On the left you will find a bread and a water bottle. Then continue until you pass a teleporter. The room that is coming now is full of pitfalls. Cross this.
On the other side is a floppy disk on the floor. Now go to the left and right along the back wall and step on the bottom plate twice.
Now a passage to a corridor is open. There are 5 buttons on the wall. Press all 5. The middle 3 open wall niches, there you will find the Hdh key, a Robotronic and another wall button to press. However, there are also 2 robots that can not be defeated with weapons. These paralyze and reprogram with the Robotronic. How to do this is explained on the disks.

Now go to the teleporter in front of the room or just jump into a pit. Here is also a robot to reprogram. If everything went well, there must be absent a wall that has blocked an exit. If not, press the 2 outer buttons in the aisle one floor above again.
Now collect a green energy generator (+1) and a fuse. The robots can be reprogrammed or eliminated. Insert a fuse into the fuse box, open the door and get the backpack.
When going back, keep right until you get to the 6 doors.
Continue through the 3rd door from the left.
Hold right and you come to the contact room. There, a passage to the arrival room can be opened.
Left is the teleport room, whose door is locked. Therefore, step on the bottom plate opposit and go back to the now open passage. Fetch a disk and the Joon key. Use it to unlock the door to the teleport room and teleport. Remove the pistol (20 shots) from the wall niche, press the wall button and insert the fuse into the fuse box in front of the teleporter, then enter the teleporter.
Attention: be sure to put on the spacesuits with the red circle from the team room.

Level 3 (Subway station XII)


Experience the last sunset, is at the entrance on the posters. Pass through the door, then comes a room with 4 doors. These can be opened with the Hdh key.
The doors from right to left:
1st door: sensor, water bottle and ID card (power, organic food)
2nd door: ID card (food), helmet (red circle)
3rd door: Here is a teleporter with which you can teleport back again (Level 2).
4. door: Examine all the posters and press the wall buttons behind. Place the fuses into the 2 fuse boxes. Fetch blue power generator (+3), screwdriver, canteen and test tube.
In the aisle with the three wall buttons the left one opens a niche with a pitfall. The middle opens a room where you can find a flashlight. Incidentally, this can be charged in a weapon energy compartment. Then drop into the pit. It is dark there. Turn on the flashlight and run off the walls. Neutralize the robot there. Somewhere is a fuse box, from this take the fuse. Then search the teleporter and teleport to the entrance.
Now back in the aisle and press the right wall button. Then go through the 2 doors, put the fuse into the fuse box in front of the 3rd door. Here's the Abbey Lane West Station XII, you get a message. On the far right there is an energy compartment for power and organic food, as well as 2 water bottles and a bread. On the far left is a locked door that separates platform 4 and 5.
Search the platforms from right to left. Go into the blue energy fields and explore the dark areas.
1st platform: floppy disk
2nd platform: bread, module
3rd platform: pistol (20 shots)
4. Platform: Take a water bottle and go into the dark energy field. There you will find the scanner R1 and a passage to the 5th platform.
5. Platform: Take acid bottle
6. Platform: water bottle, 2 sandwiches
The area opposite the 6th platform leads to 3 doors.
Right door:
Go down by elevator. Get the module and take the elevator next to it one floor down. You receive a message. Step on the bottom plate, they push 1 field forward through the wall. Collect pincers, acid bottle, fuse, test tube (yellow) and backpack. Go through the imaginary wall and drive all up again.
Middle door: Teleporter to the entrance.
Left door:
Go down by elevator: Underground

Level 4 (Underground)


There are mutants everywhere, killing them all. First go to the left and open the door with the symbols. Get the energy generator (+3) and jump into the hole. Take the flask and the test tube (yellow). Complain the bottom plate. Then press the button on the wall, back to the hole and complain both bottom plates.
Now you can get in the niche the Enif key and then collect all the items on the bottom plates again.
Now open the wooden door to the teleporter station and take the test tube. The bottom plate closes the way back. Kill the 2 worms and take the 4 sandwiches. Then step on the 4 bottom plates around the teleporter. Two of them have to be entered 2 times. By the different sound one hears, if a wall is opened or closed. Now step on the 3 bottom plates in the vacated niches. Then press the wall button. If you have done everything right the way back is free again.
Open the door to the right of the lift with the Enif key. You receive another message. Listen to them and throw items (> 5Kg) into the back hole until the front hole closes.
On the left you come to a door behind is a dark area. There are 3 jackets (blue) and 2 helmets (blue).
Go right and walk over a bottom plate. Take the ketone and bread, get to the 2 teleporters and get the compass. Go back, take the pistol (30 shots) and drop it into the hole.
At the computer console one learns further energy-emitter codes.
Fetch water bottle, boots (blue) and Apha key, then go to the care center (Verpflegungszentrum).
1st door on the right: room with locked door.
Continue to a wooden door. Behind it is a room with bottom plates. Upon entering the first bottom plate, a wall obstructs the exit. The bottom plates must be entered in such a way that walls disappear, which release further bottom plates behind them. On a bottom plate is a pincers, this plate removes the wall in front of the exit. Now complain the bottom plate in the opposite niche so that the second door to the absorber center can be opened. When going back do not step on the bottom plate in front of the exit, otherwise it will be blocked again, but examine the wall next to it. There is a red secret button. Press this and the way to the exit is free.
Now go to the absorber center. Open the 1st door with the Enif key. The second door can be opened, if you have complained the right floor plate.
Here you will find 4 trousers (blue), 3 pairs of boots (blue), jacket (blue), helmet (blue), magnet-card, disk, laser (30 shots), scanner R2 and a Tolok key, moreover you receive a message. The teleporter leads up to the teleporter station.
Go to the elevator and drive up twice to Eurika.

Level 5 (Eurika)


Here the crew must wear the blue space suits, otherwise they will suffer radiation damage.
There are several mutants and robots waiting to eliminate them.
Water bottles, acid bottle, bread, test tube, pincers, energy detector, module, floppy disk, diamond can be found all over the city.
At the computer console one learns further energy-emitter codes.

In the north is the:
 - Robotec GmbH
 - Guide beam coordination center (Leitstrahl Koordinationszentrale)
In the southeast is the:
 - Cartographer Office (Kartographenamt)
In the south is the:
 - Interplanetary Space Agency I.R.B.
In the west is the:
 - the State Library (Staatsbibliothek)
 - the State Security Office (Staatssicherheitsamt)

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