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Complete solution: Escape from Ragor

Generally speaking, for all the keys you will find: you can not use the wrong one because every key fits only in the right lock.
Uses the memory slots, there are enough available! Also, keep looking at the map because you do not recognize some walls as what they are.

Game start is the 4th floor.


Jump into the hole in the north.

You land on the 3rd floor.


Left through the fake wall and the ladder up.
Pull the lever and take the gold coin, then jump back into the hole.
Right through the dummy wall.
Talk to Lara here and take the fire magic.

Alternatively, you can trust the promises Megrims and jump into the hole.
You then land on the first floor.


Continue up the northern ladder of the 3rd floor up to the 5th floor.


Jump into a hole to get back into the starting room. Press the button and explore everything behind it.
The password for the guardian of the corridors is LICHT.
Talk to Lara and then the ladder up to the red floor. There lies the bluestone.
Now back down to the start room and jump into the middle hole.
Press all switches, pull the lever and jump into the hole.

You land on the 2nd floor.


Here you can use the 2 silver coins and search for the Gor key. Via the ladders you go back up to the starting room.
In the south use the two Bramekeys. The lion's head at the end of the corridor continues to teleport.
Cross the pit room and take Igor's key.
If everything is researched, you should now have a blue eye (Blauauge), a roach (Rotauge) and an iron key (Eisenschlüssel) in your possession.
Now to the third floor and open the left barrier with the iron key.

High in the 6th floor.


Insert the two eyes and disable 3 consoles.
1. Purple - purple - blue - blue - green
2. Brown - brown - blue - green - green
3. green - brown - red - blue - green
Then open the door with Gor and Igor's key. Take the 2 gold coins in the room after the ladders.
Pull the lever in the "Kreissaal" and jump into all 4 holes. As a reward, there are 4 Mot keys and a gold coin. Insert 3 Mot keys and jump into the hole. Insert the 4th key here, talk to Lara and take Lara's key. Then up again. Here you will find the red fireball. And up.

To the 7th floor.


Pull the lever and defeat the Beholder behind it.
Left aisle: Get the Mot key and the Gold key. When running back the sliding plate must be overcome very quickly (with 2 quick mouse clicks).
Right aisle: In the lever room, get out the Gor key and unlock the barrier.
Successively insert the Gold key, the Mot key and the two gold coins and up the ladder.

To the 8th floor.


Enter the plate in all 3 directions and pull both levers. In the plate room is a gold key.
The silver coin fits in the lock. And then it's over the ladder

To the 9th floor.


Insert the gold coin here and search for the 2 rubies. Free the way up with the gold key.

To the 10th floor.


Here you will find a ruby key and a gold key that deactivate the barriers. Then the ladder up.

To the 11th floor.


Find 2 Megrimor keys and unlock them. Behind it is another Megrimor key to find.
Passwords of the Guardian: DOLCH - SCHWERT - AXT
Use these items at the barriers. Get the silver coin and throw it out of the window next to the barrier.
The ladder is going 2 floors higher.

To the 13th floor.


14th floor


Find 2 gold coins and eliminate the barriers. Then 2 rubies must be found.
Feed the lion's head behind the dummy wall and at the ladder with the rubies.
Then it goes to the final battle, the ladder down to the red floor.
Here you meet a purple magician. He has fabulous 30,000 points.
So again and again to attack and retreat to regenerate ... until he is defeated.

Done ! Congratulations, you have just defeated Megrim's daughter.

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