Game hint

Complete Solution: Acid Moon

First some general tips on the game

When shooting, pay attention to the opponent's health, especially your own!

Be careful with explosive weapons. If Angel is too close to the explosion, it suffers damage.

When Angel encounters a large number of enemies, there is (almost) always a nearby shield charging station. Try to reach them and lead the fight from there.

Defeated opponents who do not lose a cyber module should be searched quickly, (spacebar / right mouse button) as they usually carry some credits with them. At automatic machines you can buy for it medipacks, ammunition, etc.

Use the upgrade automatic machine and the weapon power amplifier. Without improvement of the weapons one is without chance over time.

Use the wrench to destroy boxes and panes, saving ammo.

Search the Secrets. Worth it. They can be exchanged for Credits in the Item Inventory.

TNT can be stored and resumed.

Never stand under a lift. He will crush Angel.

Do not try to jump in the elevator. You could hop out.

If Angel is stuck somewhere (eg she stays under a door that is closing) you can release her with a jump (press DELETE).

There are no cheats like the well-known GOD-MODE, but use a "ZSCHILD" then Angel is invulnerable for some time !

Save the score regularly. There are 5 places available.

Game start

Level 1

From the start room go to the right, collect the Coke cans and get the 2 weapon power amplifier outside.
Then go through the door at "Argusa Transgen" and take the access card.
Now is the time for a little jump training to familiarize yourself with the controls. If you have completed this successfully, you now have 2 cyber modules and a shield module.
At the "Schild aufladen" machine (shield up), recharge the body shield and go to the headquarters.

Right goes to the infirmary, left to the reception room. In the reception room take the elevator upwards. Talk to the boss there. From him you get the first assignment.
1st assignment: Get the notebook from the Argusa building (Beschaffe das Notizbuch aus dem Argusa Gebäude).
Now take the elevator to the very bottom and go through the door.

Level 2

Optionally, you can first go to the left, jump up the projections on the wall and get a secret. The bonus gold figure brings 2000 score and can be exchanged for credits in the inventory.
Go right. On the street is a bag, from which take 50 credits. Then right in the corridor. Give the doorman in front of the bar the 50 credits to be admitted.
In the toilet take the access card from the red bag on the floor and the pistol and the stunner.
Now go to the Argusa building. Since you can attract neither attention here, nor get caught, Angel equips with the stunner. Watch out, do not get caught in the blue beams of the guards, otherwise you will get caught.
To the left of the entrance are two flashlight batteries. Now carefully look through the half-open door and stun the guard. Quickly through the door behind it and with the elevator all the way up. Stun the guard around the corner and watch the patrol in the next room. At the right moment unseen climb up the ladder; best jump off at the top (DEL key). Then jump over the silos into the corridor and go through the door.

Level 3

Immediately left around the corner is a monitor, it gives information about the code of the door console. This info can now be listened to in the inventory in the news.
In the middle room, the 3rd entry of the information screen contains another code.
Now enter the code 72456 in the console at the door. Sneak past or stun at the guard and take the 2 Speedys in the room behind. In the corner, when the guard has past by, quickly exit and take the golden key from the chest at the end of the gangway.
Open with this the associated door. On the monitor in front of the corridor can be observed. Go in at the right moment, do not get caught by the guard and press the triangular red switch.
Now go back through the door with the console and straight through the next door. Enter the code 7724 in the console and take the access card with you in the next room.
Now back and open the last room. Behind the picture is a secret compartment, there lies the blue key. Now you reach the hall. Walk left along the wall and, unobserved by the shelf, take the book off the table. This completes the assignment.

Level 4

Back at the boss one gets from him immediately the next assignment.
2nd assignment: Save Jenny Zola from the Retro Area (Rette Jenny Zola aus dem Retro Gebiet).
Be sure to bring the ZG7 rifle in the next room, this is the best weapon in the game. Take the elevator to the reception desk and walk through the door, which is secured by the 4 sentries.
Now go to the retro area. Take the wrench, crush the boxes with it (saves ammunition), and bring along Coke. The upgrade automatic machines on the wall can improve weapon skills if you have enough credits.
Continue and always keep left. Shoot down the 4 enemies, always stay out of reach, and take the cyber modules / credits of the vanquished.
Go into the passage under the footpath and take the ZG7 ammunition. In the accommodations behind it is an iron bar in a bedpost. Take this with you, up again and into the aisle to the left, there is another iron bar. Now go back to the entrance area. Beware, here are 4 new enemies waiting. In the house in the middle is standard ammunition. Now in the other aisle. The property includes a sleeping bag, a weapon power amplifier and soda.
Open the grille in the corridor in front of the property with the iron bar. Jump up in the high voltage room and knock off the fan with the wrench. Jump over this in the corridor and jump over the bars down. Crouching in the corridor on the lowest footpath. Do not fall down in the next room. There is no escape! Open the grid with the second iron bar. Jump up, go through the door.

Level 5

There take the automatic weapon. Then jump right onto the wall and over the 2 slopes to the side passage.
In the next room kill the 2 guards and collect everything (cyber module, shield module and P4 automatic ammo). There are also 2 exchange automatic machines. One can exchange one cyber module for 50 credits and the other for 3 cyber modules against a medipack.
Now go down the stairs and get rid of the 2 guards. Set at terminals "GR" and "38". Now you can drive with the car. Crouching in the room behind, go through the left aisle and recharge at the shield generator. Back and in the room with the 2 guards, take the red key from the compartment to the left of the door and the P4 Muni off the ground.
If necessary, again to the shield charging station, then go back with the car and out. Jump over the 2 slopes to the roof, open the skylight there and carefully jump down on the ledge on the edge. (costs only 7 life points, otherwise 40). Turn left at the front, run quickly through the blue energy barrier and go through the door behind it.

Level 6

In the next area always stay behind the helpers and let them do their work first.
Collect the ammunition from the boxes, always paying attention to the firing flying object.
Go into the hallway to the left of the "UA 571-C Sentry Weapon System". Switch off the firing device, hammer in the windows and take the Z-shield (ZSCHILD) and shield module with you. Now out again and go left through the right door. Go down the stairwell completely. Turn off the guns with the 2 switches under the stairs. In the room on this level, switch off 2 more firing devices and switch on the first "Remote Sentry Weapon System". One level up switch on the second and one level up the third system. Here you will find in a room also 2 Speedys and 2 soda water. Out of doors now it goes through the now open door close by.

Level 7

First, go ahead and open the door. Unfortunately, we first have to get an access card to get here. So go ahead and smash a window left at the end of the aisle. In the room behind take the killer M6 rifle and the automatic ammunition.
Turn right in the next big room and eliminate the 4 guards in the security area. Hit the green door there and charge with the free shield generator. Here are also 2 Exchange automatic machines. Then finish off the 2 guards in the big room, hit the door there and get the access card. Now it continues on the other side. To do this, hop over the grid and hold to the right. Eliminate the 2 ladies in front of the house. Hit the door and take the access card and the gold key. Attention the 2 other guards are attacking now too. If needed, quickly go to the shield charging station and recharge. Take the pizzas at Master Burger and trade at the dealerships Speedys and sleeping bag against cyber modules.
Now go to Hillcrest Motel. Immediately left hit the pane and get the automatic ammunition and the 50 credits from the box. Then hit the door to the right of the entrance and plunder the boxes. That brings another 100 credits.
Now up the stairs. Improve the weapon skills on the upgrade automatic machine, specializing in a weapon, and unlock the hotel room door behind that with the gold key. In the room from the cabinet take the "Scan Hand - Stufe B". Now Angel is expecting a friendly welcome. When the welcome ceremony finishes, go back to the entrance. Open the two doors with the access cards and insert the "Scan Hand - Stufe B" on the last one.

Level 8

Optionally immediately right hit the ventilation grille and pick up the bonus gold figure.
Straight ahead is a shield charging station. The guardian in it should not be a problem.
In the corridor is in front of the locked gate a further ventilation grille. Beat this and eliminate the guards at "Building Better Worlds". Do not forget to collect ammunition from the boxes. In the back room switch off the fire-arm system and take the grenades with you. Eliminate the 2 robots in the room next to them and get the shield module. Then jump up to get to the footpath. Start with a run on the small bridge to the right and hop from there over the railing. There press the two red buttons. Alternatively, you can go left from the entrance, jump up over a ledge on the wall and get to the buttons via a shaft.
The gate in the corridor is now open. Defeat the guards behind and destroy the shotgun. Crouched in the low aisle and go up the ladder. Collect first aid backpack, Coke and ammunition. Walk over the footpath, jump over to the Sims and jump from there into the passage. On the right balustrade, take the first aid backpack and press the red button. Now take the lift up, maybe recharge the shield before, send the guard to the afterlife and go through the door at GR 38.

Level 9

To the left and right of the wall compartment take the Speedy and the heavy crowbar. Behind the "Hot Cats" poster is hidden a red button, press this. In the next passage on the left side you can see through a pane "Jenny Zola". Open the door with the crowbar and press the red button.
Now we are expecting a "hot dance". Run quickly to the shield generator on the right rear and station there. From there, do everything and always recharge the shield. Get the sleeping bag and Vino behind the next door, then up the stairs and jump over the slope to the roof. Take the P4 Automatic Muni and the Medipack from the boxes. Now jump on the green rocks. On the wall, a passage leads diagonally down, this run down crouched. Then jump into the opposite opening with a big jump. First, remove the 2 Retros, then take the 2 Shieldloading modules and the weapon power amplifier. Finally, take the key from the body. Jump out to the opening, pick up another Shieldloading Module, go back over the metal bridge and free Jenny Zola. Job Complete.

Level 10

Now it's time to bring Jenny Zola back to the meeting place.
Talk to the Retro and decide if you help him or Jenny. Continue until you see a guard on the top left. Jump up, defeat the guard, load the shield, take Antitox and pull the lever. Back in the hall, run up the slope and pick up the body shield module. Once you're back out, poisoning with the Antitox can be cured. Also shoot the pane up there and look at the message on the monitor to get the code for the next console. Down again, then go left and through a door, being careful not to lose Jenny Zola. Otherwise, go back and get her.
Finally you reach a locked door. Jump up right here, defeat the guards and pull the lever. Back again and go through the now open door. Enter code 825 on the console.
Now you can take Zola to the red teleporter, take the access card she leaves, and teleport back yourself with the blue teleporter.

Level 11

At the headquarters you find everyone dead.
First, go right to the infirmary, take the two shield modules and charge at the shield generator. When you take the medipack off the table, the wall explodes and 2 retros storm out. Eliminate these and 2 more on the way to the reception room.
The guard there gives the tip to go to the city office. Turn around and go immediately left through the big gate to the city.
In the city just left around the corner go to the door. Here you can refresh your supplies and upgrade.
In the office next door from the boss accept another job.
3rd assignment: Blow up the old transformer station in the retro dome 2 (Sprenge die alte Trafostation in der Retrokuppel 2).
Take the access card from the shelf behind the boss. Go out again and immediately left to the trader district.
Open the door to depot 2 by the two doorkeepers and take the Nitro explosive package. Now go in the city area through a door into the retro area.

Level 12

Kill the 3 guards and in the room behind 3 more. On the left you will find ammunition, a shield generator and a red button hidden in a wall niche. Press this, cross the bridge and go through the now open door, defeat the 2 guards and press the red button at the end of the aisle. Now press the button behind the next now open door.
Return to the entrance area and walk into the Laluna area. Pull the lever on the right side and continue to the end of the aisle. Jump onto the footpath and go to the right aisle.
You get to a room with two gates. Pull the lever behind the left gate. The right gate leads to a room with deadly lava. Therefore, cross the room along the side. Then defeat the guard in the next room and pull the lever. Back in the room with the two gates and hold right. Behind the wall on the left is a medipack, ammunition and a battery.
Now go back to the main course and hop on the first footpath in the Laluna area. The door is now open. Straight through, take batteries and grenades and shoot the dogpack.
On the way, take the ammunition, the sleeping bag and the soda water. Now go down. Eliminate the 2 guards and take the weapon power amplifier. Also collect the remaining stuff. On the wall also hang two Exchange automatic machines.
Next you go on the other side up. Eliminate the 2 guards there and walk through the door at the top.

Level 13

On the left is the Cerveceria. At the traders there you can swap.
Straight through the gate and pass the passage with the presses. At the end of the left hallway you get a message and there are 2 signs around. One with the inscription "Code 4482" and the other with "Trafo Code 7273". In the right-hand side of the console, enter the code 4482 and take the ammunition from the shelf (caution 2 guards). Now go back through the passage with the presses and go right through the big gate.
The ramp up and jump on the other side into the hole in the ground. Two guards later you reach again a passage with presses. At the end of the corridor, pull the lever, take the key card from the body in front of it and collect the colas.
Now back through the bottom hole and jump up onto the platform. Drive over to the lift, go through the door and jump over to the other lift. Do not use this but hop on the pillar and jump into the opening with the door.
Eliminate the 2 guards in the room behind. Shoot the barrels and get the bonus gold figure in the corridor behind. Now jump into the container next to the ladder and plug in the blue key. Take the ladder up and take ammunition and insert the medipack from the corpse. Then back and unlock the door opposite the Cerveceria.
Save here for safety's sake before you go through the next door.

Level 14

Now you have exactly 300 seconds.
Go down with the first elevator, charge at the shield generator and remove the Key Card from the drunk in the back bar area.
Optionally, you can kill the 3 Retros to get Cybermoduls or credits, as well as exchange to the Exchange automatic machine.
Up again and go left in the hallway. Press the red button in the niche of a pillar next to the two guards. Eliminate the guards and pick up another key card in the corridor behind the now open door.
Now drive down with the second elevator platform. Remove the guard in the room in front of the Luna Tower and take the ammunition with you. Then enter the Luna Tower.
Done - now there is no more time. If you were fast enough you have even more than 120 seconds left.
In Luna Tower drive up 2 floors with the platform. Open the ceiling hatch in the room and jump up. Crouching through the ventilation shaft, a passage leads to a ledge at the end. Run this along and jump into the shaft. You get to the old transformer station. Attach the Nitro explosive package to the Explo barrel. Get out quickly now.
This completes the job.

Level 15

Back in the city, you will find this destroyed. A 6-headed robot army blocks the way and must be destroyed. The head office is on fire but luckily the automatic machines are still working. Refresh everything, recharge at the shield generator and continue. In the ruined trader district overpower the 2 robots and get the weapon power amplifier.
Opposite, where the big robot stood, go on now. First turn right into the corridor where the Medipack is located. Destroy the robots and pocket the reward. Now go through the passage to the left, up the stairs and hit the barrier on the door at the top. Hit another scaffolding and go through the door to Luna Recreation Park (Luna Erholungspark).

Level 16

Here are two more robots waiting as a receiving committee. Take out the ammunition on the left side of the pool and read the code on the sign in the water.
On the wall hang a shield generator and an exchange automatic machine. In the back area of the sunbeds is still ammunition in a wall compartment and on the deck chair by the pool is still a pizza.
Now go to the relaxation area. Take the pizza from the deck chair and choose the right passage. Turn left at the end of the church and take each 50 credits from the first two chests. Cross the lower passage, kill the snake and enter code 9327 on the console. In the room behind, 2 robots rope off from the ceiling. Outside are another 2 robots and 2 aircraft. Kill everybody and if needed, always go back and load the shield. Eliminate the last 2 robots one room further. Jump here on the block and from there to the top. On one of the roofs is a hole in the ceiling. Jump in and then teleport. You come to the new headquarters.

Level 17

The boss is waiting. So quickly jump into the tube above the lava lake and from there to the other side. Ride up with the elevator and report to the boss. He also has another job ready.
4th assignment: Meet an agent in the Red Silo. He has the design plans for a superweapon. Take these to Mareen Lerand (Triff im Roten Silo einen Agenten. Er hat die Konstruktionspläne für eine Superwaffe. Bringe diese zu Mareen Lerand).
So off in the silos. Take the elevator down and jump over to the "silo access" (Silo Zugang).
Take TNT and go straight ahead. Go up in the back and kill the Red Space spy and their 2 helpers at "Yuen Yee Fruits Vegetables" (secondary target reached).
From the high voltage area take the weapon power amplifier and 2 batteries. Now go back to the retro area and access the silo.

Level 18

Enter the door to the "main warehouse management" (Verwaltung Hauptlager). Caution: whenever you get caught by a camera, there will be an alarm and 2 guards coming.
In the living quarters, transport the geishas to the afterlife and take the gold key from the shelf behind a curtain. Then activate the vacuum cleaner. This moves to the opposite wall and explodes, creating a passage in the wall. In the right cabinet is a VidMail. Pay close attention to the winking eye, it reveals a code.
Now back to the entrance and drive up with the rear elevator. Enter the code 223 just received into the console. Kill the guard, then jump to the blue and from there to the red container. Now jump into the opening and take the 2 pizzas and the bonus gold figure. Then jump down and get the ZG7 ammo out of the box.
Eliminate the rest of the guards and press the red button until the bridge is in the correct position. Jump over and down the ladder. Turn on the elevator and up again. Now position the bridge so that you reach the opposite side. There is another guard patrol walking behind the door. Go to the "Project Main Lab", plug in Speedy and Soda and up the ladder. Above, another guard and a VidMail awaits us. A message from Yuen to Rulfus. The delivery date should be remembered.
Now back to the entrance, turn on the other elevator and drive up. At the top of the console, combine the date from the VidMail with the number of deliveries and enter the code 33224. Shoot the glass in the ground and jump down. Below you get another message. Activate the vacuum cleaner and eliminate the 3 geishas. At the other end of the corridor on the left there is a shield charging station, an upgrade and 2 Exchange automatic machines, as well as 3 Geishas. Equip and up the stairs on the other side. Kill the 2 Geishas and move in through the ventilation shafts on the right. Kill the geisha and take the blue key. Down the stairs and take out of the secret compartment behind the filing cabinet the bonus gold figure. Back through the ventilation shafts, down the stairs and immediately to the right. Take the ZG7 ammo under the table.
Go back to the stairs and this time downstairs. The geisha has a green key on the table. Take this, up the stairs again and unlock the green door. Right off the shelf take the red key. Now down the stairs again and go through the bottom. Unlock the red door and kill the 2 agents and Yuen Yee (secondary target reached). Collect the medipack, Vino, Moskos and 3 Speedys.
Now equip again, then up the stairs and go through the ventilation shaft to the exit door.

Level 19

Now go through the silos. First go to the left and destroy the guns. Jump into the tubes, get the medipack and push the lever.
Now go back past the entrance through the door to the right. Destroy the gun and pick up the body "shield module" (+20) on top of the wall. Left side of the wall is a passage. He leads to a control room. Kill the guard and flip the lever.
Now take the "silo access". At the bottom right is a small passage. There is a lever on the upper console in the control center. Pull this and kill the onslaughing guards. Back again and use the silo access with the 3 green lamps.

Level 20

In this silo area turn left through the garbage dump and in the water basin behind it, take the bonus gold figure out of a niche under water. In the next room you will find a Medipack and Speedys and some unfriendly contemporaries.
Back in the entrance room go up with the lift. From there down to the gravity field and then jump to the passage. With the minecar you get in and with another one you can travel over the lava lake. Jump over and wait at the next lava lake for a minecar with which you ride along. Now you come to a leading-strings. Drive and pay attention to the lava puddles. At the end are 2 lower passages. Clean the area behind and walk on the other side through the door to the silo administration.

Level 21

Immediately there you meet the agent. Unfortunately, he no longer has the plans, which were taken from him by Red Space people. On the left there is a heavy LF 16 rifle and in Trixi's photo service a camera module and 2 camera software.
Now it's time to take off the plans from the Red Space again.

Level 22

So enter the locked Lana 1 area.
Direct in the left room with the switch disguised as a blue book open a secret door. The picture next to the secret door opens another secret door in the next room. Listen to the message and take along the access card and the 3 control rockets.
Now go to the Lana 1 Apartments. The apartment can be opened with the just found access card. Behind the desk is TNT, in the back room is ZG7 ammunition under the table. In the bathroom is a VidMail.
Smash the back wall of the left cupboard. Slam the 3 Red Space Ladies and take the part of the design plans.
Now leave the Lana 1 area and go through the door next door into the silo.

Level 23

Climb into the glider, jump over the precipice with full acceleration and drive to the end of the track. On the right is a room with a blue and a gold key hanging on a key-board.
At the middle tower, jump up and onto the footpath. Then from the wall in the right corner down the slope to the back area. Unlock the door with the gold key. On the left hand there is a corpse in the sand, take from this the green key.
Get the ammunition and the medipack from the building "Red Silo Removal Administration" (Roter Silo Abbau Verwaltung). Immediately in the next wall to it is an opening. Jump in and collect P4 Automatic ammunition, Medipack and Bonus Goldfigur.
Then open the door a little further with the blue and green key. Here you will find ammunition and another part of the construction plans. Turn the wheel on the wall 4 times.
Now back - you are already expected. Eliminate all retros, taking care not to damage Angel so much.
At the tower in the left rear corner, at a proper distance, shoot the barrels to blow a hole in the wall and go back.

Level 24

Back from the silo this time it goes the narrow corridor past the upgrade automatic machine. Go left at the top and immediately left again to the next silo. Up the ramp and jump over. The door leads to another retro area.
Go straight and take ammunition and Medipack. Then go to the left and operate the switch to open the gate. Kill the retro ladies, then take sleeping bags and ammunition.
Next go to the crashed helicopter. Carefully eliminate the 6 enemies. They have explosive bullets which one can avoid. Get the ZG7 ammunition out of the box and loot the corpses.
Go through the open gate, destroy turrets on the ceiling and charge on the free Shield Generator. Destroy the "high voltage signs" in the right and left aisle. Now the way in middle aisle is free. At the end you will find the last part of the construction plans.
Finally in the possession of the construction plans go back now. Down the ramp and immediately in the next room destroy the big pane in the ground. Go down there and give the plans to the woman outside the door.
This completes the assignment and Angel can leave this area through the door.

Level 25

No sooner back Angel has received a new message. Unfortunately, Angel has given the plans a Red Space spy. Now you have also turned your own people into enemies.
Since you are no longer allowed to go into the headquarters, a new way must be found.
Smash a small window just around the corner. Listen to message 4 here. It contains an encrypted code in the form of peeps.
Go on and jump into the barricaded hole at the construction. Cross the basketball court and go upstairs. In the storage room, give the 2 guards no chance and get the weapon power amplifier and the colas. Now back to the entrance area.
Enter the code 342 from the encrypted message into the console. Take the Scan Hand Stufe C with you. Attention the 3 guards have something against it. Solve the conflict of interest in a proven way.
Now it's up the ladder. The guard at the end of the corridor is best laid flat with a targeted shot from the ZG7 and open the door with the Scan Hand Stufe C.

Level 26

In the board building, go immediately to the left and quickly past the 2 shooting stations. In the room behind is finally again a shield charging station and an upgrade automatic machine. There is ammunition in the box.
The fire-arm systems are now helping against the onslaughing guards. If these are eliminated, turn off the fire-arm systems and activate the robot on the other side. He opens a door and then becomes hostile. Defeat the robot and the 4 guards, then push the 2 door control switches.
First, go through the left door to the office. There is an access card on one of the desks. Take these and go to gene research. Here are some mutants lurking.
First turn off the fire-arm systems. In a corridor further back, jump to the upper floor. Take the antitoxin in the atomic area. Then jump into the pool and turn the wheel underwater. Push the red button behind the opening door, then quickly leave the atomic area and take the antitoxin to eliminate the contamination.
Open the door in the rear area. Kill the 2 Geishas and the Retro and then press the red button.
Back to the shield charging station and go through the now open door. Open the next door with the access card and activate the teleporter.
Now use the next teleporter in the new area. Open the grid and use the passage to get to the next teleporter.

Level 27

Now go upstairs until you finally come into a hall with two large samurai statues. On a pedestal is also a small samurai statue, activate this.
In the next room looting the boxes. The two rotating balls behind the blue barrier are labeled 33 and 24.
In a corner in the hall is a Retro. Take him down to the red teleporter. Attention: A total of six agents want to prevent Angel on this project. These must be eliminated before they blow out Angel the lamp of life.
Take the access card which the retro leaves after teleporting.
Now go up again and set the number combination of the balls from left to right on the balustrade in front of the hall. Now it's time to puzzle and put the numbers in the right sequence.
The logical combinations 3324 and 2433 or even 2334 or 2343 did not work. Strangely, I had success with the combination 2344. Luckily, door opens automatically when you have the right combination set.

Important note: Set the combination right the first time. If you load or save in between, it's "not working" anymore. After loading, it displays the original setting, but internally it remembers the last set combination. And then it's hard to find the right attitude by chance. Incidentally, this is the only stumbling-block in the game I found.

So go down the stairs and go through the newly opened door. Now you can safely save again.
Kill the agent in the next room and press the 3 buttons on the desks. In the next room go up the stairs, eliminate the agent and press another button.
Go down the stairs and open the door in the next room.

Level 28

In the new area first eliminate the 2 agents and get the ZG7 ammunition in the middle area. From the entrance turn left and up the slope.
At the top, there are 3 agents as soon as the alarm is triggered. With the ZG7 rifle they can be eliminated before Angel even gets a scratch. Take the ZG7 ammunition out of the box. Now turn the left switch behind the silos and than run quickly through the opening door.
Jump over the platforms and get the weapon power amplifier. Then hit the door behind the silo.
Release the agents in the room and on the roof from their task.
Now jump right to the platform with the boxes, then jump over the ledge into the elevator and drive down. In the first floor jump left on the ledge. Go stooping through the window, shoot the guard and go through the door.

Level 29

Keep left and kill the agent on the other side on the arrow switch.
Use TNT to destroy the pane in the ground (discard with Alt and Alt again to ignite). Leave the arrow up, jump into the hole and get the heavy energy cell. Incidentally, if it is still possible disarm the TNT charge on the wall.
Then back up and eliminate the poisoning with the detoxification system, next door.
Now set the arrow switch to the right. At the bottom, bypass or eliminate the agents and get another energy cell. Now up again and eliminate the agents below from the balustrade. Go down with the elevator and use the 2 energy cells in the big room. At the lectern you can still find TNT.
Open door 8 in the next room. Now it has to be fast. Run to the very back, grab the energy cell and get out again. This can immediately be used in the generator in front of the door.
Then go through door 9. The ladder down and open door 10. The best way to eliminate the two agents is shoot to pieces the TNT box from a safe distance, or standing so close to the edge of the door that you do not get hit yourself.

Level 30

In the next area shoot the bomb on the ceiling and immediately back away. With that you execute all opponents in this room in one fell. Right in the corridor and hop up. Take the key card from the body.
Now jump down into the bottom opening. Turn right in the next room. With the wheel, at one of the red columns, open the door. There is a corpse in the room, remove another key card and turn the wheel on the wall until it stops. In the front of the room another door has opened. At the end of the aisle go left twice and then right. Kill the 2 agents and enter the room afterwards. Jump up the folding plates one after the other at the right time. Sometimes you have to readjust a bit so that you do not jump too close or too far. Above take the missile ammunition out of the box, and put the 2 switches in the room. Now go back and go left over the bridge.
In the next room are 4 opponents. You can also stalk through a shaft under the bridge. Eliminate them and another 4 guards a little further around the corner and go through the door.
In the storage room go immediately to the left. Kill the guards and change the position of the 2 levers. Go back and search the containers. There you will find 2 Medipacks, as well as KM6 and ZG7 ammunition. Jump over the boxes and go through the door.

Level 31

Now Angel is in a stairwell.
In the first room there are 3 weights that can be adjusted from 1-9 each. Run up the slope on the side of the wall. At the right moment past the 2 "knockers" and turn the lever.
A guard robot is lurking one floor down in the next room. Eliminate him and read the combination on the wall. There is a shaft in the corner. Go inside these and quickly turn the lever on the other side. Before the guard robot reacts, you can quickly go back into the shaft and back. Now go into the shaft above to turn the lever at the end.
Now go upstairs again and adjust the weights on the poles to the well-known combination 5-4-5.
Below opens a gate. Kill the 2 watch robots there. Then jump up the wall of the building and turn the lever at the top center.
Now back to the stairwell, a few steps up and jump on the red cloth in the middle. From there jump with a big jump to the next cloth and then jump onto the platform in the corner. Turn here another lever, jump back again and go down all the stairs.
In the hall with the green monster you can not stay too long in one place, otherwise you will be attacked. So run in quickly, without hesitating activate the 4 balls in the corners and run out again. Now up to the golden gate and leave the staircase.

Level 32

Jump on the platform and jump down on the wall projections. Turn left into the corridor and get the Z-shield. Now go into the right aisle, past the "knocker" and keep right. The enemies are simple, the pistol is enough, you just have to stay out of reach. Press the red button behind the stone monument.
Go back and after the "knocker" right through the now open gate. Carefully pass the steaming pipes.
You have to jump through the gangway with the 4 steaming tubes at the right moment. At the end of the corridor, press the switch, save it and jump back at the right moment. Now you can open the door through which the area can be left.

Level 33

Turn left immediately, up the slope and plug in the ZG7 ammunition. Then straight up the slope and pick up more ZG7 ammunition. In the passage under the slope is a display on which you can read the pointer 5-8-3 and next to it is a Medipack.
Now go into the hallway under the left slope. Here are 3 switches. From left to right, turn the hands 4x, 7x and 2x to set to the time 5-8-3.
Then jump on the opposite slope over the wall at the lowered gate.
Approching enemies are disabled with the ZG7 rifle with one shot.
Go down the slope and then left. In the front hut is a weapon power amplifier, which should always be used immediately. In the back hut by the cemetery there is a gold key. With him you can unlock the lattice door of the dome building. Then go down.

Level 34

Here, Angel receives the message that the generator should be turned on as soon as possible.
Walk the way up, take the energy cell, eliminate 5 enemies and pull 4 levers. Now go the lower way and pick up the ZG7 ammunition. Immediately right after the corridor is a shield charging station. In the room behind are 2 more levers. Pull these and the secondary target is reached.
Go back through the hallway and straight through the door. Now run through the corridor with the energy barriers. In the room thereafter lies an energy cell.
At the end of the right aisle lies a Medipack and ZG7 ammunition. Pay attention to the fireballs in the side corridor. Watch the right time then run in quickly and back into the adjacent room. Take the 2 energy cells and just as mindfully out again.
Insert the 4 energy cells into the "Schildmax" generator at the shield charging station.
Now take the corridor with the energy barriers and go through the door on the left side.
Align the three triangles with the three switches so that the triangles occupy the same formation as the switches and all are in the same direction. There must be a triangle in front of each switch.
Eliminate the 2 guards and go through the open gate.

Level 35

Arrived in the new headquarters in the basement, Angel should first contact the boss. He asks Angel to do another job.
5th assignment: Seal all exterior gates in the Eastern Complex (Verschliesse alle Aussntore im Ostkomplex).
Equip yourself at the automatic machine, then it starts. Jump down the left side of the bridge. Go through the door and then right into the corridor. Destroy the 2 robot guards and enter the Eastern Complex.

Level 36

On the left side of the corridor is a shield charging station. Once again left at the end of the aisle is the first gate switch. Pull this and quickly back in before the gate closes. From here (the shield charging station), all robot guards can be easily destroyed.
There is still ammunition in an adjoining room. Along the left side of the wall you reach the next gate switch. Also pull this, quickly back in and continue left until you come outside. In the building on the left side is another gate switch. There is also a Medipack in the corner. If all gates are closed, the assignment is completed.

Level 37

You come back to the headquarters. On the back wall, on the side where you jumped down, jump up and onto the back wall. From there on the footpath over. The lodging can be found abandoned. In the room behind on the left, however, waits the boss and he has already another task for Angel.
6th assignment: Align the Rax antennas to 77 °, 90 ° and 346 ° (Richte die Rax-Antennen auf 77°, 90° und 346° aus).
Goto the footpath. There, walk over a beam from the wall to the central wall. From there jump on the back wall and on the other footpath. Then go through the door.

Level 38

In the right house is a box of ZG7 ammunition. Eliminate the 2 agents next door and take the elevator up. Press the switch at the top. The antenna turns. When it is at 77 ° again switch off. When the antenna is in the correct position, it lights up blue. Now go down and go further.
On the left is a passage. Defeat the 2 agents and take the elevator up. Take the weapon power amplifier and align the antenna with the switch to 346 °.
Now drive down and plunder the boxes in the other houses.
Finally drive up with the last lift.
Caution: There is a turret on the ceiling and the switch is guarded by an agent.
Align the antenna to 90 °.
This assignment is successfully completed.

Level 39

Back at the boss, this already has the next task for Angel.
7th assignment: Blast some transmitters and make your way to the escape ship (Sprenge einige Transmitter und schlage dich zum Fluchtschiff durch).
Take the Medipack in the medicine room and jump into the shaft in the ground.
Level 40

You come to a big place. In the middle are the three transmitters.
First go to the building on the right side, shoot in a disk and jump in. There is a shield charging station. Under the building, behind a pillar, stands a bonus gold figure. Go right and hit the door of the house in the other corner. Put the lever in it and the first transmitter is deactivated.
Now further out along the wall and turn off all fire-arm systems. If this happens you can dare to the indoor area, where the transmitters are. On the inner wall next to the ramp is written the code 264.
Enter the code on the consoles of the two houses on the left and pull the levers in to turn off the other two transmitters.
Thus, this mission was fulfilled and the job is completed.

Level 41

Talk to the man in the red suit in front of the radar. From him, Angel gets a dangerous last job.
8th assignment: Eliminate the strangers' collective memory (Schalte das Kollektivgedächtnis der Fremden aus).
As with any mission, Angel is on his own and has now none opportunity to buy more supplies.
Go through the door with the blue symbols.

Level 42

Drive to the other side with the hand lift. Once there, turn around quickly and eliminate the 2 guards on the opposite roof.
In the corridor in the wall, some of the enemy agents can be eliminated from the top.
Now jump over the big grid and take the ammunition and a Medipack out of the boxes. Then jump onto the block and up onto the sloping roof. From there jump over to the other side with a big jump. Walk on the beam to the wall and jump on it. From the wall go over the boxes to the other side.
Eliminate the rest of the agents, take the weapon power amplifier and recharge the body shield at the shield charging station behind the lift. Finally, drive down with the elevator and go through the golden gate.

Level 43

Here the yellow containers have to be destroyed.
First hold right. There is a hole in the ceiling, jumping up through it. Continue at the top and jump over to the right at the end. There destroy the first yellow container.
Back again and go straight ahead. Through a window, another yellow container can be shot. Then go left into the hallway. Attention: Do not touch the rotating tubes, but jump through them.
In the room behind is the next yellow container. You can destroy it from outside the room so as not to attract guards.
In front of the room is a corridor, this leads to a staircase. Carefully go up, shoot down the onrushing mutants, and destroy the last yellow container at the top. Now down below, behind the garbage dump, up the slope and through the door.
The upcoming jump sequence should not be a problem due to our jump training at the beginning of the game.
Ride with the vehicle and jump sidewise on the projection. From there it goes with a long jump on the platform between the button and the wall. Press the button and jump back to the projection. From there jump back into the vehicle and drive back.
At the edge you can jump down from the small bridge in the door opening further down. Or you try to jump into the doorway from the vehicle.
Anyway, if you've done it, go through the door to the last fight.

Level 44

Attention: When you cross the room, three enemies teleport at once and cluster bombs fall from the ceiling. Of course, you can retreat right away and eliminate your opponents in a fierce firefight, but that costs lifepoints.
And since I did not have much of it, this was the right time to use a Z-shield (ZSCHILD), which will make you invulnerable for a certain amount of time. Besides eat a Speedy and you're ready to go. Protected so you can quickly and safely cross the room without having to worry about the opponents.
Close the eye in the room at the right rear. And close another eye in the passage of the round building.
Now quickly out through the now opening gate before the ZSchild is used up.
Drive up with the frame elevator. About halfway up is an aisle. At the end there is another eye, which must also be closed. Now drive up to the top and go through the door.
Run down the beam and jump down. At the end of the hall, the last eye must be closed. Pay attention to the balls. Dodge the balls and then immediately press the eye, turn around and immediately run and jump away to avoid the balls.
If you need a breather you can stand in a corner.
Now hop up again and go back over the beam to the elevator shaft.
Over the ledge on the edge you can go to the door on the opposite side. Quickly go through the door and jump over the 2 pits. Then place next to the head and destroy the brain on the up and down moving column.
It would be of use to Angel, if she still has enough ammunition. The brain has over 10,000 life points.
If the collective memory of the strangers is destroyed, there is no time to rest.
From now on, Angel has exactly 70 seconds to leave the building complex.
Take the elevator down, eat speedy, activate ZSchild and then run as fast as possible to the entrance.

Congratulations - you have managed to survive on Acid Moon!

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