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Complete Solution: Darkstone

General Tips:
- Overall, the party can consist of 4 members.
- In principle, all assignments should be accepted and fulfilled, that brings ducats. These are urgently needed for better equipment, magical potions and membership in a guild. In addition, one could otherwise escape a crucial password.
- Visits the pub and the library in every city, there are often assignments and hints.
- But be careful, except for 3 cities, all are closely guarded.
- In the beginning, the party is still too weak to defeat the guards of a city.
- When fighting you should not forget to drink a healing potion in time.
- Should a party member (except Syrus) die, you can reclaim it after the fight. In fact, they do not die but flee to their hometown shortly before their death.
- The stamina should be set up quickly.
From a value of 15 you can do 2 actions per round.
From a value of 30 you can perform 3 actions per round.
- Save your score regularly.
- Also, the party members should be able to swim and mountaineering.
- Visit the Zaubergilde (Magic guild) and become a member of at least one character. From now on, the Magedungeons can be entered. In each dungeon, you get another spell that a character can learn.
- Find the Tresori and bring 4 Morg keys to Lira. This breaks the spell of the Darkmage. Now the Mot crystals can be procured in the Darkmages. With them, a generator must be activated in every city.

Goal of the game
- Find the Morg keys
- Find all 19 Mot crystals and activate with them the generators in all cities.
- Find all 7 Darkstones and open all gates to Galmark's hideout.
- Get Galmark's staff in your possession.
- Defeat NECROMINA, the Queen of Darkness.

At the start of the game, you are in the city of Kimlein and steer the hero Sirus.
Offer the strange traveler an escort to Bashut and take her with you. Since you have to go there anyway and also it brings extra money in the travel fund.
Then buy food, water and many healing potions.
In the bar you get the assignments "Find all 19 Mot crystals" and "Find Kronos heart".
Then go on a trip to Bashut.
But do not junk around, out there in the wild, there are a lot of dangerous creatures. And do not despair if someone blesses the time. Especially at the beginning, as long as you do not have a full party yet, you are still pretty weak.

Apply here at the Hotel Monky and continue on to Dorsteg.

Hire Unoxo in the hotel and accept the assignment "Wo ist Megrim - sagts Jolande" (Where is Megrim - say it Jolande) in the pub.
In the experience cellar one learns where Megrim hides. Jolande gives you the hint "MOND".
If you come back to Jolande you get the assignment "Bringe eine Feder zu Jolande" (Bring a feather to Jolande). If you have brought her this you get the note "SONNE".
The traveler who wants to Kimlein, take him with you.
Then get Kronos heart (Kronos Herz) at 8/17, bring it to Kimlein to go to Kimsi.
On the way, make a short detour to Largo's friend.

Here, the party awaits a tough fight. Accordingly, each hero should be equipped with enough healing potions to survive the fight. Once the guards have been defeated, first go to the hotel to recover from the difficult fight.
Then enlist Ellie and offer your service to the skeleton.
In the castle library you will find interesting books. These contain the access code •#†• for Tormec 45/23 and ~v××× for Tormec 47/17.
In the pub you get the assignment "Bringe eine Harfe nach Kimsi" (Bring a harp to Kimsi).
A Bremal harp can be found at 21/18. Then go to ...

Again, you can prepare for a tough fight.
The bibliotek contains the access code v=z for Tormec 48/21.
Continue via Urenest to ...

The bibliotek contains the access code •†•= for Tormec 32/72 and †=†v~• for Tormec 44/67.
By the way, in Lanhut is the Black Guild.

There is an old book in the library. With its help one can learn the characters of the Nercomi language. The word "LICHTER" is already there.

Secondary assignment: bring Balla to Kimsi.

In the pub you get a hint on "ZABRE".

The bibliotek contains the access code vvv= and ###v for Tormec 26/60.

In the meantime, one should already be well equipped and can explore the area now.
The spell hell inferno (Hölleninferno) is well suited in the battle against groups.
In a church one finds the hint for the access code v##=† of the last Tormecs 28/35.
In the temple is the note "MOLANUS heilige STERNE" (MOLANUS saint STARS).
In the hut 37/80 every party member gets permanently 10 magic points.
In the hut 75/26 every party member gets permanently 2 endurance points.
In Clemarus 61/39, exchange a royal amulet for a conjuration formula. Save the woman at 62/50 with this. As a reward you get a Telom claw. From now on, the party can teleport in the wilderness.
Alternatively, you can also visit the house at 69/57. There one receives the assignment "Finde Rastafan in einer Kirche und übergebe ihm ein Dokument" (Find Rastafan in a church and give him a document). In the church 40/68 one then meets Rastafan. After handing over the document you also get a Telom claw from him.
Find at least 4 of 10 Tresori and crack them. They each have a Morg key.
Give Lira in the hut 69/75 4 Morg keys. For that she breaks the Darkmage charm and these can be entered from now on.
In the house 51/70 one wants to speak only with Petro. Take Petro to the party, go to the house, rummage through the basement and find a clue to Galmar's hideout.
To enter certain places it is necessary to have Orget in the party.
At 62/75 you get the indication "EWIGKEIT" (ETERNITY).
So now that all the passwords for the Nercomi are known, you can get now the 7 Darkstones.
Then defeat the magicians in the Darkmage and get the 19 Mot crystals. Activate with these the sky machines in the cities.
Enter all 7 Tormec and give the Gatekeeper at times a Darkstone so he can open the gate to Galmark's hideout.
Now go to Galmark's hideout and take his staff off.
Now only NECROMINA has to be defeated and the world is alright again.

CONGRATULATIONS - Darkstone is done!







Kimlein 09/12 Magic (Zauber) 31/63   25/79
Bashut 11/15 Teleport 35/21 Rastafan 40/68
Dorsteg 10/18 Trade (Handels) 78/54   41/50
Kimsi 16/20 Kings (Königs) 39/67   27/22
Alkblatt 15/50 Thieves (Diebes) 21/59   20/59
Urenest 37/28 Singer (Sänger) 43/75
Lerblatt 32/69 Preacher (Prediger) 35/39 Extras


Lanhut 31/65 Iron (Eisen) 25/77 Largos Freund 12/13
Boytal 46/27 Fire (Feuer) 65/37 Myrmidons (Schergen) 66/56
Varberg 45/70 Black (Schwarz) 60/23 Galmark 35/81
Sankai 73/52 Healer (Heiler) 67/28 Tempel 29/32
Alkfurt 71/27 Juggler (Gaukler) 40/78 Tempel 28/28
Motberg 70/54 Knight (Ritter) 72/79 Tempel 43/78
Tornest 65/61 Treasure (Schatz) 36/79 Necromina 31/21
Uleberg 50/37 Dance (Tanz) 25/69
Boylang 73/55 Tresori


Boyheim 51/22   68/55
Dorberg 78/76   67/26
Zisblatt 70/38





Sonne 53/48 •#†• 45/23
Mond 18/26 ~v××× 47/17
Molanus 41/70 v=z 48/21
Zabre 28/43 ###v 26/60
Sterne 67/83 •†•= 32/72
Lichter 16/76 †=†v~• 44/67
Ewigkeit 79/24 v##=† 28/35





Brenum 48/23 Hit ~1000 57/23
Boralis     58/69 Hit ~2000 69/31
Inferno 43/74 Hit ~3000 55/73
Rexale 67/62 Hit ~4000 60/24
Sturmschlag 30/67 Hit ~5000 46/40
Heile Wunden 35/43 Hit ~6000 49/29
Starker Arm 34/37 Hit ~7000 45/73
Schutzschild 72/52 Hit ~8000 66/40
Magische Waffe 62/78 Hit ~9000 61/48
Superheilung 49/25 Hit ~10000 52/17
Heile Krankheit 31/44 Hit ~11000 68/82
Anti Giftus 47/39 Hit ~12000 48/80
Lebensstehler 73/69 Hit ~13000 58/83
Brenuma Feuer 46/19 Hit ~14000 69/58
Boralis Feuer 61/55 Hit ~15000 53/51
Inferno Brexuli 66/60 Hit ~16000 62/39
Rexale Brandosi 56/77 Hit ~17000 40/40
Brexplares 63/50 Hit ~18000 46/37
Borexplori 50/72 Hit ~19000 65/78
Hölleninferno 74/59
Hammerarm 74/12 ???


Götterschild 52/75 Morgschlüssel     /
Götterwaffe 73/76 Erlebniskeller 62/85
Blitzschlag 39/27 Hinweis 62/75
Ninjaschlag 40/75 Lira 69/75
Gorschlag 45/69 Petro 51/70
Seelenstehler 78/31 Gana 69/47
Luftikus 58/13 *?* 49/39
Mattheit 47/46 Wesen 62/50
Schlafe 68/47 Clemarus 61/39
Verwirrung 60/40 *?* 69/57
Alptraum 72/53
Rastabata 60/14
Charmicos 71/32
Weltenbeben 66/10
Totesschlag 67/52
Götterhammer 60/69
Vernichter 75/75

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