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Hot Cats II

General Tips

In principle, examine everything. This brings you score points, items, money, and information about new places that will then be accessible in the city map and bring you closer to your game objective.
First look at the pin board in your apartment before you go into the city.

You should now find as many models as possible, which can be photographed by you.
You then have to develop the exposed films in your photo lab and make prints of them, then the pictures can be sold at ARGUSA. Also acquire the camera from the shady person in front of it.

In some situations, you can also take photos of crimes, so-called criminal pictures.
These photos can be sold to the city police.
So-called sensational photos can be sold at Senico.

In Little China you can buy new films in the photo shop and also take photos of the shop assistant.

At IDV Building you can buy the bar equipment. Talk to the receptionist as well.
She tells you something about the Upper Town.

In the photo shop next door you can buy new cameras and flashlights.

In the upper town you can buy a snack chain.

Let yourself be beaten once hospitalized. Once the hospital is accessible on the city map, you can sell your score points there in a backyard.

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