Game hint

Arcan for beginners or first steps in a new adventure

by Susanne Ostermann

Hello her heroic adventurer in spe.
As? You are heroes ?
Well, then you do not need to read on here. Have fun and good luck!

But if you think that a few tips to the beginning can not hurt, then you are cordially invited to follow this text more closely.
First of all, you can get an overview of the keyboard layout by opening the Arcan.doc. (Print out if necessary and mark important keys)
You are at a bridge at the beginning of the game. It is best to save regularly, especially before entering new terrain.
You should take advantage of the daylight and look around the area, in the dark you quickly lose track and will be surprised once or twice by various opponents.
Talk to the people and accept assignments. The completion of these brings experience points.
Maybe you manage to smoke out the wasp nests?
It is important for the beasts: one by one to attract and watch out that you strike and take a step back, so you do not take too many hits.
But you have to find out your own tactics.
Now the area is not too big, collect everything you can take with you (especially the food is important).
Some dead opponents also leave you some loot; just click. The corpses remain so long until they are robbed, then they disappear from the game world.
At nightfall you go back to the bridge and examine the two houses. The house with the trap door is more extensive than it seems at first sight.
Candles or torches provide for better light.
Incidentally, Arcan needs neither sleep nor food and drink in the human sense, so you can walk around undisturbed. Food, water and potions are only needed to replenish life and mana.
Also look over, on, below or next to various furnishings. You will not find much at first glance.
The bonus system for the level rise is designed for a role-playing game very slim, but still leaves the choice of whether you prefer to fight, practise magic or balanced.
However, you should not neglect the "lock crack" ("Schloß knacken") option, otherwise you are standing in front of some doors for a long time!

Now a few general tips and the first battles nothing stands in the way:
- There are at least two ways to solve them for all game-related issues
- You can not throw away or sell important items once you find them.
- there is always a local map for each area or dungeon; you just have to find it - sooner or later!
- Lockpicks consume, you have to pick up or buy again and again.
- You will not only find gold in boxes; where does grandma hide her piggy-back?
- Keys can sometimes be lost to their owners, look for them ...
- important items include the blue gems or the runes (the latter are needed for teleporters).
- there are also doors and boxes that can not be opened! So you're not always dumb to find the right key (like me), but there are not any keys in places. Whenever you are asked for a "key", you can confidently turn around and move on.

Now we wish you many exciting and entertaining hours with the RPG

ARCAN - Der Schatz des Hexenmeisters (ARCAN - The Treasure of the Wizard)

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