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Complete Solution: Wrong Turn

General Tips

- Explore the environment, talk to the people to get assignments and collect everything you find.
- When shooting, pay attention to the opponent's health, especially your own!
- Modify your weapons with modules and weapon power amplifier.
  Without improving your weapons, you will not stand a chance over time.
- Improve your character's abilities.
- Use the hammer to destroy boxes, windows and doors that saves ammunition.
- Beware of explosive weapons. If you stand too close to the explosion, you will suffer damage.
- You can also resume TNT after lay down.
- Buy from the merchants ammunition and medipacks.
- Let Medizit implant as many implants as you can.
- Save the score regularly. There are 5 places available and with F8 a fast save place.

Zuno Chemie Track one

Look closely at the prison in the beginning, you can reach through the bars and take the hammer. With this you can hit the cell door. Open the opposite door and go straight on. Hit the closing door and eliminate the guard. Take the iron key and the medipack with you. Go up the stairs and slide down the slope. Slide the box aside in the Power HB-Lab and press the switch behind it. Now climb up the ladder and get yourself the Colt and the access code.
Go back to the startup area and enter the code on the console. Take the access card and leave the Zuno Chemie Trakt one.

City ring (Stadtring)

Take the elevator down. To the right of the elevator you meet Johnny Roco. Talk to him and accept the assignment "Get 3 Ampex Ampoules" (Besorge 3 Ampex Ampullen). Opposite, across the street, a door leads to

Zuno chemistry forecourt (Zuno Chemie Vorhof)

First, eliminate the guards, then get the 2 lockpicks at the poison barrels and open the door of the hut with them. Take G3 rifle, ammunition, Medipack, lockpick, Ampex ampoule and from the body 2 Helion. Do not forget to read the message on the floor, it contains a code. Now get out of the hut, press the switch on the opposite wall and go down the ladder. Here you will find a medibot and a detoxification system. Back to

City ring

Go to the "Stop" building next to the elevator and press the switch. This opens the big gate. Defeat the guards and pick up the green implant and Ampex ampoule from the guard room. Now enter the building with the Chinese characters.

Shopping mall (Einkaufszentrum)

Immediately left is a Medizit station. Here, the heroine can install implants.
The door straight leads to a trader. In the room behind take the package Chin Li Opium from the gangsters. Talk to Chris Walken in the room next door. Accept the assignment "Find research documents of Zuno AG" (Forschungsunterlagen der Zuno AG finden") from him.
Yoko Mita stands in front of the implant automatic machine room. From her you can get the optional assignment "Get 3 Pack Opium" (Besorge 3 Päckchen Opium). Then take the exit to the park.

Old Park

At the top of the ramp, a door leads to Zuno's factory building.
Go right into the City Teleport. Make your way to the entrance of the Zuno Research Laboratory and use the access card on the card reader.

Zuno research level 01 (Zuno Forschung Ebene 01)

Open the grille on the right side and press the switch behind it. Now the barrier in the corridor to the left of the entrance is deactivated. Pull the switch behind the boxes and then the switch behind the now open lattice door. Now back through the grid and then left into the aisle. Behind the parapet to the water basin, pull the switch under the slope and then pull the switch in the tunnel below water surface.
Walk over the slope to the next room and go through the just activated door.
Take the lift up and operate the 4 switches. Now dive into the adjacent pool area.

Zuno research level 02

Jump over the 3 folding plates and turn on the lift switch. Now climb down the chain and press the lift switch to drive down.
If possible, first hack the security system. Then operate the switch to raise the grid in front of the ladder. Go up the ladder, just opposite hit in a disk, take from the shelf the key to Zuno office and from a desk the key to the office warehouse.
Now open the door from the opposite office and take the Ampex ampoule out of the niche. Now you have found all 3 Ampex ampoules for Johnny Roco.
Get the Zuno project documents in the office warehouse.
Now it's back to the

Shopping mall

Talk to Chris Walken here. Then continue to

City ring

Bring Johnny Roco the 3 Ampex ampoules. From him you get a teleport card to the planet Urus.
Go to the "Stop" building and from there continue to

Planet Teleport Station
At the rocket you'll find a teleport card for Acid Moon and a new code.
Now teleport to Urus.

Planet Urus mine entrance

At the end of the rails, you go to the mine entrance. In the building next to it, behind the rock, the fire-arm system of the mine entrance can be deactivated. Otherwise, good luck leaving the mine.

Urus mines level 01

Pull the switch behind the pillar in the room diagonally opposite. Now take the aisle to the left of the entrance and make your way to level 2.
At this level is also a trader.

Urus mines level 02

Advance over the moving platforms to a switch and press this. Now go back and go through door 10. Go left at the end of the corridor and push the button 3x at the pillar down in a niche (bend down). Now press the switch in the middle block. Then pull on the ropes and plug in the 2 Urus keys.

Urus mines level 01

Open the door here with the Urus key and press the switch. Now you can take the Crystal of Virtue in the room to the right of the entrance.
Then go back to the Planet Teleport Station and teleport to Acid Moon.

Acid Moon interior (Acid Moon Innenbereich)

Take the lift up. Collect the ammunition in the storage room and pull the lever in the poison room behind it. A detoxification facility is just around the corner. Actuate the lift switch on the wall and jump onto the roof while the elevator is moving down. If the elevator has arrived at the bottom, you can press the elevator switch from the lift roof if you bend over. Once at the top, jump over and switch on the lift switch. In the room behind is a Medizit station.
Now to the activated lift in the garden. Go up, climb up the chain at the end of the aisle and pull the lever. Then go through the now open door underneath.

Acid Moon place of worship (Acid Moon Kultstätte)

There, take the Crystal of Hope from the place of worship.
Then it's back to the

Shopping mall

Through the door at Yoko Mita you come to the ...

Toxic Swinger Club

Take another opium packet at the 3 ladies. Then go through door 7.

Subway station Ahornplatz

In the shop next to the watch shop, hit the glass. Next to the body you will find an access code to the teleporter for Sirus Alpha. It continues to

Lin supermarket / bookstore

Go straight past Lin's shop and then go left. Move the big gray box and hit the grid behind it. Get at least 3 Bara Bibles from the hut then.
Accept the assignment from Aisha Wong and go through the door near by.

New Prince Hotel entrance

Talk to Victor Cerny in the lobby and buy the hotel key.
Say to the hotel employee Mick Miller that you want to rent a room again. The room number has already been sent to you as a message.
Eliminate in one of the rooms "Narbengesicht" (scars face) and go upstairs. Pull on the candle in the room in front of the rays barrier and then press the secret switch. Now the barrier is off.

New Prince Hotel 1st floor

Get the key to the corridor to room 1000-2000 and then the erotic video.
Bring this Aisha Wong at the Lin Supermarket. For this you get from her a teleport card to Sirus Alpha. Equipped with it's back to

Subway station Ahornplatz

Go right along the corridor then you reach an entry for maintenance personnel. Use the code on the console and the teleport card on the terminal.

Planet Sirus

You arrive at a dealer. Go out and open the container behind the wall with the remote detonator. There is a Sirus silo access card next to the waste paper basket in the container.
Turn on the lift in the silo and drive down with the elevator.

Sirus basement (Sirus Untergeschoss)

Give each of the 2 geishas a Bara Bible. For that you get a big and small Sirus key.
In the red box you will find an explosive package. In the next room are flying fireballs. So quickly in, attach the explosive package in the holder on the left wall, and out again. After the explosion, press the switch on the left wall and then the one opposite between the fireball-shooter. Now in a niche a flap opens through which you can go bent over. Now just get the Crystal of Darkness (Kristall der Finsternis).
Back to the subway station Ahornplatz. From there it goes this time through the door to


Just to the left is a bar. Behind the counter you will find another opium packet and Flinkfinger's key.
The other bar has a teleport card to Caldor on a table. There is also Flinkfinger Jack and his gang the Dead Rabbits. After these are eliminated go to Flinkfinger's room and listen to the message. This contains a code.
The door next to it leads into

Flinkfinger's house

Enter the number code from Flinkfinger's room on the console. Behind it is another code to find. Now go upstairs and enter the code you just found at the door consoles. Pull the lever behind the left and right door. Now set the three knight statues in the right position to blow away the door.
Hack the Zuno security terminal. Use the teleport card Caldor on the card reader and teleport to Caldor.

Planet Caldor One

Break through to the other side and go through the door.

Planet Caldor Two

In the room with the pillar in the middle, press the switch twice. In the next room, press the switch once and in the following collect the ammunition and press the switch once. Go back into the room before and press the switch once. The grille in the corridor opens now. In the rooms behind go down the ladder and on to

Planet Caldor Three

In the room on the left, press the switch in the corner at the back. Then go through the iron gate, hop on the ledge, and walk through the flash tube. Break the pane, run to the next pane and pass two more panes just around the corner. In the room with the 3 cylinders it continues over this. There are 2 compartments with 2 compressed gas cylinders. Take these with you.
Now go to door 8 and place the two compressed gas cylinders. Now you can take undisturbed the crystal of light.
You will be automatically teleported to the Planet Talon.

Planet Talon Zuno

Insert the 4 crystals here. In the corridor behind, drive up with the lift and press the switch on the bottom of the pillar. In the next room you will find ammunition. The passage on the left leads up to a teleporter. There, press the switch, jump down again, go into the right aisle and through the door.

Planet Talon Level 2

Right behind the door you will find a small Talon key, several lockpicks and an M4 automatic. At the pool, take the Talon visa out of the handbag.
Put in the visa on the card reader and continue to

Planet Talon Level 3

In the room straight on, activate a switch at the woman. On the walls left and right is ever another switch. With these two images are moved. Now the remaining four switches can be switched on. Then go over the stairs through the now open gate.
In the back of the right-hand aisle, operate a switch in the floor, which opens a door near the machines. Activate a switch in the left-hand aisle and take Zuno's book of rituals.
Now go through the door at the machines. Activate another switch behind the door. This opens the door around the corner.

Planet Talon Level 4

Press the switch on the wall and run quickly into the starting elevator. At the top press the pointer switch 3x and go through the now open door. There are a medibot and another pointer switch. Press this twice.
Then it goes to

Market and church

At Fajitas you can shop.
Unfortunately, the crypt door is locked. Therefore, open the lock of the door close by and climb to the top to jump over the wall to the other side. Break the pane and remove the crypt key from the table.
Now back again and unlock the door to the crypt. Then go in.

Zunos ritual house entrance

After the door, walk around the glass pane to the other side. Be careful, do not slip into the lava and escape the spear traps. Then hop along the platforms while watching out not to be pushed off by a block.
In the next room are several teleporters. Use the teleporter at the destroyed metal cage.
Seek cover immediately after teleporting, destroy the enemies and pull the wall switch. Climb up the ladder and jump over to the teleporter.
Now the gate of the other metal cage is open. Use the teleporter and go through the door.

Ritual house

In the room immediately right, walk up the spiral staircase and down the ladder on the other side. Here you will find a medibot and doctor Merano from Medizit.
In the room straight forward of a hanging bowl take the ritual house key. Then continue through the ritual house door and pull the wall switch.
Now go through the door on the opposite side. Talk to the prisoners to learn the door codes. Then free Ellie Olandra.
Go now to

Zuno's hiding place

Attention! Zuno is still invulnerable.
First pull the lever behind the wall in the right chamber. This deactivates a protective shield in the middle chamber. Now go there and take Zunos talisman. Zuno is vulnerable from now on. Fight against him or just let him run into a TNT trap until he lies death to your feet.

Congratulations! You did it and put Paul Zuno his infamous handicraft!

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