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Complete Solution: Ocean City Nemesis

General Tips

- When shooting, pay attention to the opponent's health, especially your own!
- Beware of explosive weapons. If you stand too close to the explosion, you will suffer damage.
- You should quickly examine defeated opponents who do not lose a cyber module (spacebar / right mouse button), as they usually carry a few credits with them.
  During the game, you will find stores where you can buy for it medicine packs and ammunition.
- Modify your weapons with modules and weapon power amplifier.
  Without improving your weapons, you will not stand a chance over time.
- Use the hammer to destroy boxes, windows and doors, that saves ammunition.
- You can also resume TNT after lay down.

Old Upper Town (Alte Oberstadt)

Darcy has 2 assignments at the start of the game.
1. Primary goal one
2. Report to Lieutenant Gabriel
Take the Colt off the desk and talk to Ron Silver.
From him you get a packet of diamonds and the 3rd assignment: Bring the diamonds to Shara Cok (Überbringe Shara Cok die Diamanten).
In the next room look at the note on the floor. It contains the door code 35762.
Talk to Susan Marlow. She assigns the 4th assignment: Find and bring Susan Marlow's notebook (Finde und bringe Susan Marlows Notizbuch).
Take the hammer and talk to Lulu Erono to get the 5th assignment: Bring Lulu the first volume of the Mironicon Saga (Bringe Lulu den ersten Band der Mironicon Saga).
On the other side, next to a garbage bin, is Susan's notebook. Bring this to her. 4th assignment fulfilled.
Tom Fairley gives Darcy the 6th assignment to get him a pizza.
The door behind Tom leads to Ron Silver's house. There are 50 credits, a WKV module and on the wardrobe lies the party cellar key. There again lies the key to the study. There is a blue implant on the shelf in the study. Push the ladder away and take the key to the bedchamber out of the compartment underneath. There take the wine bottle and the medipack. Back to the entrance hall and into the cellar. Careful snake. Up the ladder and jump over the beams. On the boxes are a firetime module and a lockpick.
Leave Ron Silvers house and go left through the door into the Selano district.
Then continue past the XClub entrance to the

Police station (Polizeirevier)

Talk to Lieutenant Gabriel there. 2nd assignment fulfilled.
From him you get the 7th assignment: Search Agent Sam Blow (Suche Agent Sam Blow). Now to the

XClub entrance

In the store is a WKV and magazine module. Take the XClub membership card from the drunk.
Run up the beam in front of the XClub and hit the door with a hammer. There you will find the code 7742 and TNT explosives.
Over the roof on the other side, hit in window and take the lockpick.
Back down and up the ladder on the other side. There you will find a coke and a pizza Calzone. Bring this Tom. The 6th assignment is fulfilled. Now go to the

New Upper Town (Neue Oberstadt)

Take explokiller, G3 rifle and ammunition. Blow away the robot with the explodekiller. Scour the area until you find Sam Blow. 7th assignment fulfilled.
Then go to Lieutenant Gabriel and inform him. He gives Darcy the 8th assignment: Find Borman in the XClub (Finde Borman im XClub).

XClub entrance

Eliminate the gang in front of the XClub from the roof. Hack the security system (level 3) and then take the 2 suitcases with 100 credits and the XClub climate chamber key. With the help of the XClub membership card Darcy gets into it. Talk to Diego Repetto and take the magazine module as well as the G3 ammunition. Then go down the stairs. At the bar under the piano lies a firetime module. Steal the fellow at the bar his XClub Security Card C from his trouser pocket. Go up the stairs and take the card with the door code (1216) to the private area out of the purse. Back down and get the 2 suitcases with credits backstage. Now go to the private area. There stick in the M4 automatic and the other things. The next door leads to

XClub basement (XClub Untergeschoss)

There, Darcy can move a wall on the opposite side and jump through the liberated hole in the ground. Take the ladder up and drive all the way up with the air lift. Jump over to the side (without a board). In the room is on a note from Borman the door Code 84226. Here Darcy receives the 9th assignment: Help Diana Meyers (Helfe Diana Meyers).
In the room on the opposite side enter the door code and warn Diana. 9th assignment fulfilled. Take the explosive package behind the bed and listen to the message in the next room. Then Darcy gets the 10th assignment: Find snuff videos.
Dive behind the greenhouse with the newly obtained code 94255 through the water basin. Enter the code at the door and read the note on the desk. 11th assignment: Find customer 14126 (Finde Kunde 14126). Attach the explosive package to the box and take cover. 10th assignment fulfilled. After the explosion leave the room through the other door. Then Darcy arrives the

XClub club basement (XClub Klubkeller)

Visit Borman in his private rooms and eliminate him. 8th assignment fulfilled. Over the collapsed stairs out again and report to Lieutenant Gabriel.
In the Selano quarter, Mia Dizar gives her the 12th assignment: Kill Eric the Natter (Eric die Natter erledigen).

Police station

Kill Eric the Natter and his gang at the snack bar and take the barrel of beer from Toni's snack bar. 12th assignment fulfilled.
Talk to Angelo Cardia. 13th assignment: He wants a barrel of beer (Er will ein Fass Bier). By chance, Darcy has a keg with her and gives it to him. Thus the 13th assignment is fulfilled. Now go to the

City park

In the front sea-wolf tower, go stooping through the energy barrier and turn the wheel 3 times. Then you get over the footpath on the pipes and from there on the container. In one, Darcy finds a door code (1433).
Now turn the wheel in the tower again until the jetty stands at the tower. Now pull the switch on the tower wall. Eliminate the guards and enter the code 1433 on the laptop. From the safe, take the Seewolf access card and go to the cargo port.

Cargo port (Frachthafen)

Get the key to the lift tower out of the guardhouse. On the ship SAN LARGO you will find two range modules. Get rid of the guards and advance to the sea wolves.

Sea Wolf
In the entrance hall, the right combination of switches opens the door.
Turn the wheel next to the bridge. Dive and operate the switch in the underwater gangway. Now drive up with the elevator.
Move into the security area (cameras can be shot down - energy barriers are bypassed) and get the code 21025 in the watchtower. Blow up the panes of the control room with TNT. Attach the TNT and shoot at it. Take there the turbine room key. Now go on into

Sea Wolf Basement 2 (Seewolf Untergeschoss 2)

Collect WKV, loadtime module and ammunition. Pull the lever at the fireball cannon and drive up with the pillar in the next room Defeat the soldiers, go up the ladder and push all four switches. Then go down and fight through to the

Sea Wolf Basement 3 (Seewolf Untergeschoss 3)

Just around the corner, go up the ladder and pull both levers. Now pull a lever in an underwater gangway. Drive with the now active gondola to the lattice tower. Jump in there and get the "team room key" from the ground. Now back in the gondola and this time drive to the other side. Go up the ladder and climb over the boxes into the shaft. Pull another lever there. Now you can appear on the other side of the wall and get to the

Crew quarters (Mannschaftsräumen)

Right is the detoxification plant. Eliminate the guards in the room next, jump on the pedestal, balance over the rope and jump into the entrance. In the corridor Darcy will be poisoned. In the room behind are Shara Cok and her room key. 3rd assignment fulfilled. Now go up quickly and detoxify. Back down and take the lift up; then get out. Now in the

Old Upper Town (Alte Oberstadt)

Talk to Ron Silver. From him you get the 14th assignment: Find Chin Li.

Dr. Mo implant clinic (Dr. Mo Implantatklinik)

Darcy can be modified here.
In the old chapel the wall collapses behind the altar. Get the implants, then detoxify and heal. Now to the

Cafe Oriental

Talk to Abdul el Farag. Darcy should help him. 15th assignment: Get 6 Scrolls from Abdul's House (Hole 6 Schriftrollen aus Abduls Haus).

Abdul el Farag's house

To get to the flying scrolls you have to shoot them. Two fly around in the entrance area. One is on the pillar in the right corner. One is up at the balustrade. Two are in the cellar. Then go back to the

Cafe Oriental

After Abdul has his scrolls again, the 15th assignment is fulfilled.
Take the book of the Mirconia saga from the bar and bring it to Lulu in the old upper town. Thus the 5th assignment is fulfilled.
Let's go to

Old aircraft factory (Alten Flugzeugfabrik)

Talk to Bernd Kohni. 16th assignment: Get 2 packages of pasta (Besorge 2 Pakete Nudeln).
Down the ladder in the hangar and up again on the other side. In the warehouse you will find a range module. In the house next to it a firetime module and credits. One house further is another module and the Nebula Chin Li card B. Get the Nebula card C in the middle house. With that, Darcy is ready and enters the door to the

Kim Sa noodle factory

There you will find the G2 rifle, 3 lockpicks, a WKV module and 2 explosive packages.
Talk to Kim Sa. 17th assignment: Eliminate Black Sun (Schalte Black Sun aus).
Then eliminate Black Sun in the building and take 2 pasta packs. 17th assignment fulfilled.
Back to the old aircraft factory and off to

Nebula level 1 (Nebula Ebene 1)

By radio you get the 18th assignment: Arrest Chin Li (Verhafte Chin Li).
Pull on the rope in the next room and collect ammunition. Now use the door with Nebula Chin Li Card C. Take the stairwell key at the sisters Nebulas. Go through the door at Chin Li Card B. Remove the barrels with TNT. Balance over the rope and move the block in the wall. The red button on the table blows up the safe. There, take the Chin Li Card A. A button in a floor niche opens the door to come back.
The front area is now full of water. Dive and get the key to level 2.
Now go through the door with the cards A. First blow up the opium and then the console with an explosive package. This completes the 14th assignment. Shoot on the switch in the pipe behind the blasted console, then go down the ladder.
Collect on the shelf WKV module, ammunition and food. Blow up another opium palette and continue to

Nebula level 2

Talk to Sakura Vus. 19th assignment: Get his love letters back (Beschaffe seine Liebesbriefe wieder).
In an adjoining room are already 3 love letters around. Buy an opium parcel from Lucio Vendetti and than you go to

Nebula level 3

Go inside the shop and crack Chin Li's back door. There are the 4th love letter and the front door key. As well as a snuff videocassette. 11th assignment done.
Now kill Chin Li. 18th assignment fulfilled.
Continue to the next room, go up the stairs, enter the building through a window and buy the implants.
Back up to the

Nebula level 2

Give Sakura Vus the love letters. 19th assignment fulfilled. From him, Darcy receives another package of opium. From Alf Mulak you can buy a 3rd package of opium. Now go to the

Old aircraft factory

and deliver the noodles to Bernd Kohni. 16th assignment fulfilled.
Go over the new upper town to the house Boasi.

House Boasi

Press the three switches in the correct sequence (M-R-L).
Talk to Lena Mireko. 20th assignment: Switch off the radiation barrier (Schalte die Strahlensperre aus).
Talk again to learn the code 17412.
Go down the stairs and enter the code on the console. Pull the lever in the chamber. 20th assignment fulfilled.
Back up and talk to Carmen Boasi. 21st assignment: Find the crystal of light (Finde den Kristall des Lichts).
Locate and install the compressed gas cylinder. Then insert an opium packet and take the crystal of light. 21th assignment fulfilled.
Now Morgus can be defeated.
Once this is done, the 1st assignment the primary goal is complete and you get the 22nd assignment: Primary goal 2 - Find the 5 Onyx Skulls (Finde die 5 Onyx Schädel).

Go to the Kim Sa noodle factory and get in through the window this time. Press the 6 switches and you're ready to go to

House Yinsa Game Crypt (Haus Yinsa Game Gruft)

Again, press 6 switches. Two in the upper entrance area. Every one in the two back pits. Two in the front pits (turning the wheel). Then continue to teleport. Here is an indication of the skulls.
- House Yinsa
- XClub bottom level
- Stadtpark Seewolf tower
- House Mirko
- House Zardoz
and get the 23rd assignment: Find the skull gate (Finde das Schädeltor).
In a niche behind the open door is the first onyx skull.

Now go to the XClub club basement (XClub Klubkeller) and from there through a door to

Skull crypt(Schädelgruft)

Get the second onyx skull here. But beware!

Now go to the city park and into the rear sea wolf tower.

Skull tower (Schädel Turm)

Under the stairs is an E9 rocket launcher, up in a container are 3 Helion. Down the slope and pull the lever in the left underwater passage. Go up the ladder on the other side and operate the lever there also. Now the gate at the bottom is open. Get the 3rd Onyx skull there.
Back to the police district and then go right to the house Mirko.

House Mirko

Up, go straight on, jump to the left and use the Transo. On the other side drive back with the Transo. Press the torch holder on the wall and remove the rusty key from the table.
Go back to the entrance and this time take the slope down. Open the door on the right and take the Zardos access card C off the table.
Now get down the ladder and drive up on the other side. Press the torch and take the 4th Onyx skull.
Now go on to

Subway test area (U-Bahn Testgelände)

At the stop, jump from the podium onto the subway roof. On the other side push the Zardos access card C into the card reader. Through the door Darcy arrives the

City ring (Stadtring)

In the rear go to the top of the building and climb down the gutter. There you go into

House Zardos

Stay left. Under the stairs behind boxes lies the Zardos access card B. Use these at the corresponding door and pick up the two last onyx skulls.
This completes the second primary goal. 22nd assignment fulfilled.
Now up the stairs and Darcy ends up in the

Business district (Geschäftsviertel)

After the friendly robot reception, we continue into the

Inner city

Again, Darcy is warmly welcomed. Then go on to

Inner city at the cinema (Inneren Stadt beim Kino)

and there to Studio 6 to get to the Roxy movie site.
Now go to Roxy Studios Hall one and from there to the

Roxy Studios Hall two

Go left through the hole in the wall and up the ladder. In the back of the aisle is the Roxy Studio key. So go back to hall one and through the next door to

Roxy Pirate scenery (Roxy Piratenkulisse)

Talk to Sandra here. 23rd assignment fulfilled.

Congratulations! You did it.

After a tiring and lethal 18-hour day, Darcy comes to the following decision.
I will give up my job and in the future I will only devote myself to my private life.

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