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Magic Empire

General Tips

Buy first in her family castle about 10 fields and cultivate this with the product which has the best growth rate. Do not forget to hire workers and build a harbor warehouse (Hafenlager).

When planning, consider the construction time required for a ship or port warehouse.

Always plan a few more days for your travel time and the shipping time for safety.
You never know what can happen.

You should always transport your goods with the ship to the dealer fleet, you achieve there a better price. Note, however, that you must also have a port warehouse for the goods on site.

Make sure you have enough Dukaten to spend at the end of the month for the expenses. If your money is not enough to pay the loan installment and the monthly wages, first the soldiers and then the field workers will run away.

After each completed field robbery, field attack, field camp attack or castle attack your soldiers need some days rest.

Every attacker has the opportunity to escape during a fight. Take advantage of that possibility if you realize that you are inferior.

If you meet a foreign ship at sea, you should always explore it first.

Repair your ships in time, so that they are also available when the time is running out.

For safety, equip your ships with as many guns as possible.

Equip a large ship with 24 guns for pirate hunting. It is waiting for you rich booty.

You have unlimited time available for each game round, so no hassle.

Save your score regularly. You have 6 memory slots available.

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