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Der Eisplanet (The ice planet)

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After you have demoted the evil Prince Kalid to dishwashers at San Largo and the island, now begins a new adventure on the ice planet.
The main goal is to find a time machine that will allow you to return to your familiar world.

Talk to the ice machine at 9/15 first. From him you get a teleporter set.
Then talk to Castor at 13/15. He gives you a bag of goods.
Then visit the castle of Queen Pantra at 11/19. To gain their trust, you must pass an exam.
Your first task is to conquer 8 salan ice camps. The queen gives you another 30,000 chips and a powerful troop of 150 men on the way.
From now on, you are on your own.

I wish you a successful victory !

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