Firm profile

Small historical operational sequence:

Beginning of the 80's we collected the first programmer driving.
Approximately 1985 developed then the first own programs in basic for the ATARI XL/XE.
About 1987 followed then transferred to the Atari ST. However were so slow the programs on the ST, written in basic, which we transferred fast to assembler.
1990 we founded the Breitmaier & Munter GbR and the programs became driven out under the label Softwave Games and Motelsoft.
First, the programs were distributed as shareware, with the founding of the GbR then also commercially.
In view of the ever larger spreading of the PC's at the beginning of the 90's, we developed our programs since 1993 exclusively for the PC. Since then we program our software in C/C++.
End of the 90's we developed the first 3D-Programs with GStudio.
The Breitmaier & Munter GbR was shut down at 2007-12-31.

Firm philosophy:

As a highest goal we set for us to developing games, which brings above all much fun and is favorable. It is inconceivable, but true, that up to the today's time still software is developed by a 2 men team (inclusive some disinterested aiders and woman helpers) in genuine manual work. Which we retained our enthusiasm until today, one sees to the fact that we offer our programs still as Freeware for the free download or sell for a "butter bread and egg".

In this sense "much fun with our programs!"

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